Build playhouse and stilt house yourself

Building instructions for playhouses, stilt houses, tents and willow houses

Build playhouse and stilt house yourself: stilt

If you are fortunate enough to have your own property or garden, you can open up a wonderful world of games and fantasy worlds for children. As a small treasure and retreat, small playhouses and climbing towers offer great joy and fun.

Since wooden toys are well received by many children, experienced DIY enthusiasts build such a playhouse without further ado. You will find the construction instructions required for this in this blueprint collection, which also contains plans for stilt houses.

If the children prefer to play in a teepee or build a willow house in the forest, you can also find out how to do it here.

Have fun browsing and copying!

Contents: Playhouse, stilt house, tent and willow hut

  • Building instructions for playhouses, stilt houses, tents and willow houses
  • Build a playhouse yourself: Single-storey and small playhouses
  • Multi-storey playhouses: stilt house, play fort, fort
  • Weidenhaus and teepee teepee build

More interesting building instructions around the theme playhouses in the garden are on the following advisory and building plan pages:

  • Build the game tower yourself
  • Build play tower and climbing frame
  • Build a tree house
  • Build sandpit, swing and seesaw yourself
  • Building instructions for greenhouses and garden sheds

Build a playhouse yourself: Single-storey and small playhouses

Build Knight's Castle yourself

Illustrated building instructions for a wooden knight's castle with drawbridge and flags. How to build an original playhouse for children.

Playhouse with porch [PDF]

Building instructions for an ornate playhouse with a small veranda in the American style incl. Building sketch with dimensions
at build eazy

Free hanging tree house

Detailed construction manual with photos and video for a hanging, round tree house with windows
at DIY network

Play tent in Viking style

Building instructions for a children's play tent with horse ornaments on the tent poles. Blueprint as a free PDF download.
at Westfalia Versand

Space-saving children's house

Detailed instructions for a collapsible playhouse with built-in storage space shelf
at Baumarkt

Free Playhouse Plans

Ornate playhouse with windows, doors and roof. Looks like a "real" house. very detailed instructions with individual steps and material list on 21 pages

How to make a Wendy house

Villa Kunterbunt-Spielhaus build yourself - Detailed instructions with construction drawings and pictures for a cottage with a covered porch

Build a cardboard house [PDF]

Build a playhouse for small children from a large cardboard box and paint with finger paint, crayons or watercolor - instructions in PDF format
at Davert GmbH

Playhouse with climbing wall and swing

Illustrated guide and plan to build a playhouse with a swing and climbing wall
at DIY network

Playground with paddling pool

Step-by-step instructions for a wooden terrace with paddling pool for children
at DIY network

Playhouse deluxe

Building instructions for advanced do-it-yourselfers: build a wooden playhouse with roof shingles yourself
at DIY network

Playhouse for little knights

Build a playhouse in the form of a knight's castle - Detailed construction manual with pictures and construction drawings
at prefabricated house

Multi-storey playhouses: stilt house, play fort, fort

Build the game tower yourself

Step-by-step instructions for a massive play tower with climbing wall, wooden sandpit and rope.

Sturdy Cubby house [PDF]

Elaborate stilt house for children with slide, swing and ladder - construction manual as PDF
at Better Homes and Gardens

Wooden play tower

Play tower with various Ausbaumöglichkiten, z. B. with swing, ladder, slide or jungle gym. - Illustrated with pictures
at arcor

Build the game tower yourself

Building a play tower with a rocking scaffold and climbing rope - Illustrated building instructions for a wooden climbing tower
at Family Dennenmoser

Scaffolding with wobble bridge

Extensive construction manual with material list for a large climbing frame with playhouses, rope ladder, wobble bridge, slide and ladder

Instructions for a game fort

Detailed step-by-step instructions and videos on building a playhouse and adventure fort
at DIY network

Construction manual for a tree house

Building instructions for a stilt house or a tree house - construction manual with material list

Playhouse with 2 floors

Construction plan for a two-story game block house, where the ground floor can also be built as a hut.

Playhouse with sandpit

Building a playhouse on stilts with a sandpit - instructions with construction sketches and material list
at Baumarkt

How to build a kid's play fort

Detailed instructions for a wooden fortress to play with a slide and a tire swing


Very detailed construction instructions with pictures for an extensive play tower with climbing wall and ladder
at expli

Play tower construction manual [PDF]

Instructions for a big play tower with climbing wall, rope and sandbox.
at festool

Game tower guide

A great step by step guide with pictures about the game tower build with a slide and climbing level on a solid foundation
at gah

Children's Tower

Build a children's stilts house with a small staircase yourself - Illustrated step-by-step instructions with blueprint
at mijan

Play tower with house

Instructions for a large playhouse on stilts with slide, swing, ladder and sandpit
at plannow

Weidenhaus and teepee teepee build

Tinker Weidentipi

Crafting instructions for a quick, small Weidentipi. Illustrated manual.
with children Outdoor

Construction manual: Weidunnel [PDF]

Simple construction manual for a grazing tunnel with tips on different construction methods
at Biological Station Ravensberg

Building instructions: Willow ship [PDF]

A willow ship for children made of willow wood. - Simple step-by-step guide with materials list
at Biological Station Ravensberg

Flechtarten [PDF]

Instructions and overview of various types of wicker for weaving willow huts
at Biological Station Ravensberg

Tinker tepee

Construction manual for an Indian tent for indoor use made of blankets, wooden poles (broomsticks) and cords.

Sioux-style teepee

Instructions for an Indian tent made of wooden poles and folded paper bags
at L.A. Ainger Middle School

Forest hut for children to build

Construction manual for a forest hut made of fresh branches (hazel, willow) braided and tied with cord
at ZZZebra

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