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Build a children's house with a sandbox yourself

Theater Building Instructions: instructions

Children like Swings, sandboxes and climbing frames, but a real playhouse is still the best seller.

Because it offers them many more games in the garden, The following playhouse construction manual is intended for a prefabricated kit.

We explain the structure of the foundation and show you what to pay attention to when assembling the individual components is.

Would you like one Wooden playhouse from the planning on the wood selection build yourself to own building, you will find here a video instructions.

In addition, we give you tips for a weather-resistant painting and summarize the key points in a checklist together.

The right kit

The size of the playhouse should be in the Ideally, judge by the number of children playing in the house become. When buying a kit but should also be paid to the quality.

There are well-known manufacturers, which are exclusively high quality Timber from controlled forestry use and guarantee permanent protection against fungal and insect infestation.

Also pay attention pollution-free impregnations of the wood. In addition, it should be such that it can be painted easily after the construction, for example, with an open-pored glaze. Finally, that should Keep children's house both long as well as look great.

If you want to be on the safe side in terms of quality, you should choose a playhouse kit with a German TÜV seal is provided.

Set the foundation

Theater Building Instructions: house

A gravel bed forms the foundation of the playhouse

A gravel bed forms the foundation of the playhouse

As with real houses, the playhouse is all about the foundation. In contrast to the foundation of a garden house, which is cast from concrete, it consists of a gravel bed. This has two decisive advantages:

For one thing, that Water drain faster under the house and on the other hand, the gravel bed is easier to removeif the playhouse is to be dismantled in later years.

The Borders and corners of the foundation have to be exactly measured beforehand and delineated with sticks and stakes. Thereafter, the foundation boundaries with solid stone slabs must be placed along the metered lines in the ground.

Make sure that the edges are parallel to each other. Only then you may pile up the gravel, otherwise it may fall out.

Danger: The heaped surface and the boundaries must be level at the end, Therefore check with a spirit level, which is placed on a beam (see picture opposite), whether the alignment is correct.

Build up a playhouse

Even if it is a prefabricated kit, it is important that at least two people are involved in the construction.

First, the floor tiles laid on the foundation.

After that, build the prefabricated ones wooden walls, Already here it depends on the correct screwing of the elements. One person should hold the wall piece while the other installer sets the screws (Picture no. 1).

The Roof of the playhouse can also be easily put on and screwed together. The roofing felt must be applied as close as possible to the roof so that the roof is tight. If the construction of the playhouse looks like a canopy, then that too should be sufficiently supported.

As the holes for the installation of the door and the shutters In most cases, you will not need to pre-drill the components before you try them on (Picture no. 2), In this way, the exact position of the holes can be better determined and marked.

When thatPielhaus once stands, it can be expanded with different components become. For example, there would be the cultivation of a sandbox (Picture no. 3) or a pirate ship standing on the grass in question.

Which extensions are available depends on the chosen kit. Of course you can too other playground equipment, such as a scaffolding with swings or a slide, set up next to the cottage.

Theater Building Instructions: theater

1. Assembly of the side parts

Theater Building Instructions: house

2. Attach hinges

Theater Building Instructions: playhouse

3. Grow the sandbox at the playhouse

Video instructions for a children's play house

A children's playhouse can of course without a kit built in the garden become. This is associated with higher material costs and more effort, but gives home improvement more freedom in the design of the house.

How it is built and what to pay attention to as an example in the following video.
We wish you a lot of fun with replicas.

Delete wooden playhouse

Untreated wood should be covered with a wood stain to make it Material to protect against weathering, For the same reason, you should also delete the sandbox.

If the natural color of the wood is too dull, you simply choose a colored glaze for the playhouse. there use a paintbrush for the nuts and other hard-to-reach places, such as nooks and crannies, and take a painting role for larger areas.

For more tips on painting wood surfaces, see our guide to painting the garden house.

Home improvement checklist

The kit

  • Are the woods high quality and impregnated?
  • Was attention paid to freedom from harmful substances?
  • Does a TÜV seal exist?

The foundation

  • Use gravel to drain the water
  • Narrow gravel bed
  • Pour the gravel horizontally (spirit level!)

The construction of the children's house

  • Organize at least one helper
  • Firmly and safely carry out screw connections
  • Adjust doors and shutters exactly
  • Seal roof weatherproof

The painting

  • Multiple brush sizes for efficient work
  • Use corrosion resistant wood paint for outdoor use

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