Garage door does not close - why can this be?

If the garage door does not close, that's of course annoying. After all, the garage is not completely closed, and strangers can gain access. Why it can be that a garage door does not close, and what you can do, read here.

Door drive warped

For manually operated gates, it often happens that the gates are obstructed. In this case, it helps to readjust as exactly as possible after appropriate instructions. Also, performing the required maintenance including lubricating all moving parts can help to make the door close properly again.

closing mechanism

There are also some problems with the gate's closing mechanism. Most simple, manually operated doors have a relatively simple locking mechanism. It consists of a linkage on the underside of the gate and a usually quite simple lock. The locking receptacle may be bent or even heavily soiled - sometimes that alone is the reason why a lock is no longer effective.

Electric door drive does not work

In this case, there may be several reasons. If the door drive does not respond at all, either the radio hand transmitter or the signal receiver in the drive housing may be defective. As a rule, however, it is easy to get in with the garage open and, if necessary, operate the gate opener manually. But you should definitely remember that you have to open the garage again - if there is no second access, you have to solve the problem first!

Electric drive can not move the gate

If the door operator works but does not move the gate, you can first try to adjust the door and readjust it. After that, one can check in turn the mechanical parts to see if there is any visible damage or something has jammed.

If this is not the case, you should definitely consult a specialist as soon as possible and have the damaged drive repaired immediately.

Tips & Tricks

In the case of clearly identifiable mechanical damage to the door drive, the door may no longer be operated. Otherwise, the door might fall. It must be repaired immediately professionally.

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