Grind the garage door

The fact that you have to sand before painting is almost a truism. At the garage door, however, sanding is not always straightforward. Read on here.

Grinding metal gates

Old paint layers must always be removed as completely as possible before painting. With zinc-coated sheets, one also removes the zinc coating which protects the metal against corrosion. It can rust quickly.

Here you should rather resort to ammonia or similar. There are also special paint remover for galvanized gates.

Sand plastic

Plastic coatings also cause problems when sanding. For example, when dragging sectional doors, this must be done very carefully and evenly, otherwise the tracks will remain visible after painting. That can be tricky sometimes.

Tips & Tricks

To save both sanding and repainting, you can also simply foil your garage door. This is cheaper, much easier and always perfect.

Video Board: Garage Door Grinding Help Please