Garage door - how can you tension the springs?

If garage doors no longer open or close smoothly, they may need to be readjusted. For this, the spring tension must be adjusted. How it works with overhead doors and overhead doors, you can read here.

overhead doors

The tensioning and readjusting of the springs at Schwingtoren is relatively easy possible. You should always set the springs so that the garage door stops at about halfway height after opening, but still has a slight pull in the direction of opening.


For sectional doors, tensioning the springs is more difficult. Under certain circumstances, the cables must first be compensated. Both ropes must first be tightened simultaneously with relaxed springs.

Then the springs can be tensioned again. Sectional doors need less spring tension than overhead doors - so do not overstretch the springs and proceed carefully.

Tips & Tricks

Be sure to read the operating instructions in the operating instructions before setting them, what you must observe and what settings are standard for your door.

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