Garage door does not open - what can you do?

A non-opening garage door is a real nuisance. Depending on whether it is a manually opening or an electric garage door, opening can be quite complicated. What you can do in detail and what you should not do, read here.

Possible causes for not opening

  • the garage door (open manually) jams
  • the locking mechanism of the garage door (manual) is damaged
  • the door drive is damaged (electric garage door)
  • the door of the garage door is damaged (then the door drive does not receive an "open" signal)
  • the radio hand transmitter is defective

Mechanical garage door jams

In the case of the mechanical garage door, the jamming is often due to the opening mechanism being warped and becoming jammed thereby. As a rule, this can be remedied later by a professional adjustment of the opening mechanism. But first you have to have access to the garage. Otherwise one can only try to pry as carefully as possible at the locking points.

Lock mechanism on mechanical garage door is damaged

If the lock is damaged in the garage door to be operated mechanically, it is best to call a locksmith. But that also means corresponding costs. Self-attempts should be avoided if possible, since the damage done can often be even greater.

Electric garage door - door operator

If the door drive stops running or the door can no longer move, this can either be due to the door drive or the opening mechanism. The sound of the door drive is usually a sign of where the fault lies.

If the door drive does not react at all, it may also be that the radio board in the door drive is damaged or even only the radio hand transmitter is defective. Then the door drive receives no signal and the door does not open. Access to the garage is often obtained via:

  • an existing emergency release (if available)
  • a key switch (if available)
  • by short-circuiting the drive (specialist or electrician)

Tips & Tricks

When installing a garage door or when retrofitting a drive, you should definitely consider appropriate emergency solutions. A regular adjustment and maintenance of the door drive should also be part of the mandatory program - so you save annoying total failures of the garage door. In addition, there should always be a second radio hand transmitter in reserve in the house.

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