Set the garage door drive - you must pay attention to this

An electric garage door drive can be retrofitted relatively easily even. After installation, the drive must be adjusted in any case. What to look for here, you can read here.

Set the gate in advance

Before the drive is adjusted, the door should be adjusted in any case. The spring tension must be correct, also the cables. Otherwise it can happen that too high maximum forces are set, which then cause the drive to wear out faster. Under no circumstances should bad door settings be compensated with higher maximum forces.

Likewise, before adjusting in sectional doors, the cables should be tensioned evenly with relaxed springs, so that the drive can later run smoothly. Slings must be removed.

Follow the operating instructions

Each drive is different and therefore requires a different approach to setting. Therefore, always observe the operating instructions and the specified limits for the settings.

Tips & Tricks

If in doubt, simply consult an expert if the gate does not run smoothly. He can often solve problems in a few simple steps.

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