Garage door drive comparison 2018

Purchase advice for garage door drive comparison or test 2018

  • A garage door drive saves you having to manually open and close the garage. Instead, you can get the engine working with a handheld transmitter, smartphone app or coded button on the outside wall.
  • It is important to know the area and the weight of your garage door before purchasing, because there are different models for the door drives in terms of traction.
  • Do you own a roller shutter, a garage door opener is not suitable because there is already a motor. Due to their design, old swing gates require a special hinged door drive.

Garage door drive comparison 2018: drive

Depending on the design, a garage door weighs up to 100 kg. Although this may not be fully appreciated by the suspension, however, it is a physical burden for many garage owners. It also takes time and nerves to open the door each time, drive out the car, close the gate and re-enter the car, If it rains in torrents or winter temperatures prevail, surely many long for more comfort.

For exactly this desire is a garage door drive cheap, he motorized but this work for you. Why you should look for aspects such as the area and weight of the gate in your search for your personal garage door drive test winner and for which door types the upgrade is available, we explain in our garage door drive comparison 2018.

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1. An inseparable unit: garage door operator and garage door opener

obstacle detection

For garage door operators, the standard functions for your safety also include obstacle detection. The sensors notice when an object is in the way of the gate and cause it to be moved up a bit again. This automatic shutdown is EU regulation and increases safety.

A garage door operator is installed directly in some modern garages that are newly built. But if you have come to the taste only later, Fortunately, it is possible that you can install the drive later in the garage door, Basically, a garage door drive consists of two main components.

First, there is the electric motor itself. It is mounted with a guide rail on the garage door and can then pull the gate up and down. In order to accomplish this feat of strength and also to be ready for signals at any time in standby mode, he is dependent on permanent power supply, You need to connect it to a standard 240V power outlet by cable. It also has a reception module for the second, elementary component of each retractable garage door.

Garage door drive comparison 2018: door

Handheld transmitters are usually included, but can also be purchased separately.

We are talking about the garage door opener. These come in different forms, with the Garage door opener hand transmitter - which you can carry with you to control the gate remotely from the car - the most popular and most common variant is.

It is often supplied when you buy a garage door opener and communicates via radio via a receiving module on the drive. If it is broken or lost, the manufacturers often offer spare parts, but of course at the brand price.

Open Sesame: There are other gate opener options on the market. In addition to hand-held transmitters from other brands or manufacturers, which are also compatible as long as they spark on the same frequency, you can also use a smartphone app with a receive module for the drive - but that is still quite rare. Already more common, but associated with more manual effort during assembly, is a Code button, which is mounted on the outside wall and access to the garage via a PIN code.

2. The dimensions and weight of the garage door are crucial

The best garage door drive can only work properly if the conditions are right and it is technically up to the task. For that your attention is needed, because it depends on the knowledge of the area and the weight of the gate. If these exceed the performance of the device, the garage door drive can not pass the test, Other criteria associated with it are called Traction and running speed.

2.1 Gate dimensions

Garage door drive comparison 2018: drive

Some door operators have lighting.

When choosing the right garage door operator, the door surface and the door weight are decisive frame data. The area is given in m² and can be calculated either by measuring (height x width) or by looking into your documents, There you will also find the weight.

2.2 Traction

Electric garage door operators are available with varying degrees of traction, which is also useful in view of the varying goal sizes. This is given in the unit of measure Newton (N). For a normal size, commercially available garage door, a pull of 500 N is habitually sufficient, Nevertheless, we advise you to check the total weight of the gate in advance, so as not to make a bad purchase.

2.3 running speed

Garage door drive comparison 2018: drive

The door drive comes under the ceiling with the supplied guide rail.

Also, the speed at which your garage door opens and closes is a category that depends in part on the door size, weight, and pulling force of the door operator. On average, the electric motor can move the gate about 10 to 20 cm per second.

2.4 Gate Art

Another central aspect is the question of which door you want to equip at all with a garage door opener, because Not all variants are suitable for installation.

We have listed the four most common models in our purchase advice:

Door typedescription


It consists of hinged parts that allow it to move vertically up and down, without the need for room to swing. It is particularly suitable for large cars and has usually installed a drive. The subsequent upgrade is possible.

Swing gate / tilt gate

The door swings or tilts in or out to open and close. It takes about half of its length. Again, a garage door drive can be installedIn the case of a tilt gate, the drive additionally requires a tilt gate fitting.

rolling gate

A roller shutter door is very similar in function to a roller shutter. Its winding and unwinding function runs on its own engine, so that a garage door drive is superfluous here.


Very old and barely rebuilt is the swing gate, which is very spacious, blocked in the snow and open is a popular destination of wind gusts. A garage door drive under the ceiling is not usable here, If you want to motorize it, you need a more rare swing gate operator (also: swing gate operator).

Useful features: The garage door drive can be upgraded with additional amenities. A separate code keypad for the wall facilitates the access of several persons with PIN code without having to buy separate hand transmitters. Of course, the latter is also possible. In addition, the installation of a light barrier is possible, which detects obstacles better, That can help, because as the Stiftung Warentest - even without garage door drive test - already reported in 2006, the gate can certainly cause damage in front of cars.

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