Retrofitting garage door - what options are there?

Garage doors are easy to retrofit, and an electric door drive usually does not cause much more problems. What you have to look out for, you can read here.

Retrofit gates

If you do not have a garage door yet, and want to install one later, you must pay particular attention to the installation dimensions. In addition, most manufacturers have a variety of regulations and default dimensions that must be considered. Otherwise, that's pretty straightforward.

Retrofitting the door drive

To install an electric door drive at an existing gate, you can also do it yourself, if you have something sent. This works both for overhead doors and sectional doors.

However, it is very important to work very carefully and accurately - even deviations in the millimeter range can be problematic here. In addition, you should pay attention to stable, professional fixings.

Tips & Tricks

It is better to leave the electric drive to the drive to connect to your power grid and secure accordingly. Of course, you can also pull the cables of the cables yourself.

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