Garage door - what role does the weight play?

What is the weight of an average garage door, which can increase the weight, and what effect the weight on the necessary pulling force to open, you can read here.

Average weights

An average, uninsulated swing gate in standard width comes to a weight of about 200 kg. Of course, wider and higher goals have a correspondingly higher weight. An insulation at the garage door also contributes to a massive increase in weight.

Meaning of the weight for the door drive

The higher the weight of the gate, the more the motor of an electric gate drive has to perform to open the gate. However, the engine does not have to move the entire gate weight: balancing weights and the spring mechanisms require significantly less pulling power.

Nevertheless, the door type and the weight of the door are the deciding factors when choosing the right door operator. They must be known if you want to install a door drive later.

Tips & Tricks

For safety's sake, always ask the door manufacturer which motor power you should use for your door model in your size.

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