Garage doors: which dimensions are common?

What influence standard dimensions of garage doors have on the price, how widespread individual dimensions are, and what you should know about the installation dimensions of garage doors is revealed in detail in this article.

Garage doors in standard size

Most manufacturers offer garage doors in standard dimensions as well as in individual sizes and widths. Garages are also usually designed to fit exactly into a standard garage door.

There are no standards, but only certain "preferred sizes". These are the dimensions 2.375 x 2.125 mm at the garage opening, as well as the dimensions 2.500 x 2.125 mm. Architects consider this measure mostly in the planning, manufacturers offer gates in this measure usually the cheapest.

In addition, many designs also require doors in a special width, and often your own wishes make special dimensions necessary for the garage door. Usually this is not a problem as most manufacturers make garage doors custom made. The price is then, however, usually much higher than standard gates.

Retrofit later

If, for example, buildings are to be adapted and are to be used as a garage in the future, retrofitting a garage door is not always a straightforward task. The problem in this case are the mounting dimensions.

Some manufacturers have an unbelievable amount of installation dimensions. Some things have to be complied with even if the door is manufactured to the desired size. For example, the specifications for the installation dimensions of the manufacturer Hörmann include nearly 40 pages.

In most cases, planning for garage door installation can therefore only be carried out by an experienced specialist. In newly built garages, the architect takes over the planning anyway.

Important dimensions

In addition to the clear width and the clear height of the garage, the following dimensions also play a major role in the practical selection of the garage door:

  • Reveal width left and soffit width right
  • insertion depth
  • Fall height and the
  • clear ceiling height

These values ​​must be known even when selecting a standard garage door. However, they can usually be easily measured or taken from the blueprint. One must also pay attention to the fact that there is not a beam on the ceiling, or another obstacle disturbs the gate later.

Tips & Tricks

Although a solution can be found for almost every structural condition, the cost of many solutions can often be unreasonable. If possible, plan according to usual standards wherever possible.

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