The flat roof of the garage depends on the structure

Flat roofs are a design that offers many design options. In addition, there is the possibility to use them as an additional area for greening or solar systems. They are used both in commercial buildings as well as in residential buildings or garages. The planning should be well thought out.

Garage flat roof utilization

A flat roof fulfills both the practical use and protects against the weather. It can also be used as a terrace or green roof. The substructure used is steel trapezoidal profile, wood, concrete or aerated concrete.

Depending on the structure used, there are different advantages. Steel trapezoidal profile allows a short construction time, aerated concrete provides ideal fire protection, concrete convinces with high load capacity and the classic lightweight construction with wood can not be ventilated or ventilated

Factors for flat roof calculation

  • Width of the garage sides
  • Length of the garage
  • roof pitch
  • roofing
  • Gutters processing and material
  • Roof overhang

A flat garage roof can be sealed with bituminous membrane. Between the waterproofing membranes a thermal insulation is laid. This must be resistant to the impact of a non-ventilated roof. If you want to green the roof, you have to choose suitable material.

Different sealing options

The prices vary considerably in this area and depend on the materials used. For the vapor barrier 15, - Euro per square meter can be expected for the insulation about 20, - to 30, - Euro and about 25, - to 30, - Euro for the sealing. This results in a price per square meter of 80, - to 120, - Euro.

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Tips & Tricks

Bitumen or asphalt flat roofs have a limited lifespan due to weather conditions. Leaks and cracks are the result. Ensure regular renovation and proper sealing.

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