Coat the garage floor - you should know that

Concrete floors may suffer over time. As a refurbishment measure or as protection from the outset, coatings for the garage floor are available. Which types of coatings are available, which properties they have, and which alternatives exist, can be found in detail in this article.

Advantages of a coating

Concrete gets ugly over time. Above all, it absorbs dirt and stains that are difficult to remove from an untreated concrete floor.

This is also the most important advantage of a coating. It makes the concrete floor easier to clean and less sensitive to dirt and stains. High-quality coatings also wear less quickly than untreated concrete floors and can therefore give the garage a correspondingly cleaner look.

Since signs of wear and tear usually only appear after decades, one should think of the meaning and the cost of a coating in advance. Even with the sealing of the concrete, a corresponding dirt resistance can be achieved.

A floor coating in the garage is absolutely not necessary.

Plastic, epoxy, coating with paints

A coating of liquid plastic is one way, one coat on epoxy another. Depending on the quality of the coating material and its properties (durability, abrasion resistance, skid resistance, gasoline and acid insensitivity), the prices for such coatings are sometimes very far apart.

There are also bottom seals that lie somewhere between seal and coating. As a further alternative for the garage floor offer different concrete colors, which can also have some sealing effect.

Which coating material is to be used depends primarily on the desired properties. Depending on the material and quality of the concrete, different preparatory work may be necessary, some of which may be very costly:

  • Producing the absorbency (roughen the concrete if it is not enough absorbent)
  • Drying the concrete (if the concrete is too moist to apply the coating)
  • Sanding the concrete (sanding or already weathered concretes, also removing the sinter layer is sometimes necessary)
  • Cleaning the concrete (especially removing the oil stains that already exist)

Also, be sure to use two component products wherever possible - these are typically more resistant than single-layer coatings. Remember that your garage floor must also withstand the hot car tire. Not all products can do the same.

Coat the garage floor yourself

If you want to do the coating yourself, it's best to use low-cost 2K epoxy resin products, most of which are labeled as workshop coatings.

For the private garage, which is only exposed to medium loads, such a coating is quite sufficient. It can easily be applied by yourself. For fresh concrete floors, you'll need to apply a thin first coat, which will then act as a primer.

Tips & Tricks

Instead of coating, you can simply lay concrete on the concrete floor with a floating tile system specially designed for garage floors and industrial garages. Such products can be found, for example, at Flexi Tile ( or at the manufacturer Ecotile.

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