Concrete garage floor - you should pay attention

Normally, a garage does not receive a separate, concrete floor, but in the course of the production of the garage, a corresponding floor slab is concreted.

Only in buildings that do not have such a foundation, you have to consider whether you bring a corresponding layer of concrete - or access other solutions. But this is usually only the case where older buildings - such as - shed "garage" as a garage.

When concreting the floor slab, you should definitely pay attention to the correct thickness, and also whether the floor makes concreting a frost apron necessary. Frost aprons prevent the freezing of foundations because they are established in the frost-free area. They must therefore be at least 60 - 80 cm deep.

Tips & Tricks

With old stamped sand floors or surfaces in old buildings one should think carefully, which kind of soil one introduces. Paving is often the cheapest solution, which is technically almost always the easiest to carry out even on largely untreated surfaces.

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