Garage floor paint - which is there, and what can it do?

If you want to color the concrete garage floor, you have a wide range of options. What types of garage floor paints are there, and what to look for in the selection, you can read in detail in this post.

Paint or coat garage floor

In commerce, the terms "paint" and "coating" are often used interchangeably in concrete. That sometimes causes confusion.

In principle, however, it can be assumed that coatings in the true sense also assume a protective function for the concrete. They make soiling easy to remove and are also very resistant to oil and gasoline. Untreated concrete would be stained, which can be removed only with great effort, and often only by grinding.

2K Epoxy Resin products are an alliance between paint and coating. They also provide adequate protection for the concrete floor but are cost effective and virtually as easy to process as conventional concrete paint.

In contrast, plastic coatings often require extensive preparatory work:

  • Sanding the concrete, sometimes just roughening the concrete
  • eventually removing the sintered layer of the concrete
  • special primers
  • special previous cleanings of the concrete

In addition, plastic coatings from the industrial sector can often only be applied by appropriate specialist companies at great expense.

Although special coatings, such as those used in underground garages, are extremely resistant to tire abrasion, oil and gasoline, the high costs and high costs are rarely appropriate for a private garage.

Conventional concrete color

Conventional concrete paints, for example from Caparol (, protect concrete surfaces only against the ingress of water and dirt. They do not have as much protection as real coatings.

However, under certain circumstances, high-quality paints can also be sufficient for garage floors when it comes to achieving a special color scheme. It is important, however, to pay attention to the respective properties of the paint, and whether it is still suitable for the stresses occurring to which the soil is exposed.

concrete sealing

What is commercially available as a concrete seal are often one-component epoxy coatings. They also provide good soil protection, but are not as resilient as multicomponent coatings.

In terms of price, cheap 2K coatings often have little difference; both one-component and two-component coatings are also available colorless, if desired.

The possible shades are very different depending on the product group, in many products, however, almost all the desired colors can be produced by mixing.

Selection of the correct garage floor paint

Basically, if you are looking for garage floor paint, you should immediately put on a high-quality, colored coating. The difference in costs is definitely paid off by the higher protection function.

Tips & Tricks

Often, in the course of the production of a concrete floor, a seal or coating is offered at the same cost. Here you can often save considerable costs compared to subsequent application.

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