Pave the garage floor - is that possible and does it make sense?

In most of the garages you will find concrete slabs as flooring. That's because, of course, a foundation is needed for every garage. The concrete foundation then fulfills another purpose.

Nevertheless, it is possible to run the garage floor with composite pavement. Simple bricks are often even cheaper than reinforced concrete slabs, but with more complex patterns, they can quickly become significantly more expensive.

Advantages and dangers of paving

The advantage lies mainly in the appearance, which is often more pleasing, especially if the garage is adjacent to a paved courtyard.

But oil stains and other dirt can often be used to protect pavement significantly worse than concrete - which you can at least seal. Also the danger of accumulating water below the pavement should be considered.

Tips & Tricks

Before paving, be sure to talk to the Department of Water Management - in many cases, all types of paved pitches must have a so-called drainage surface that allows rainwater to seep away. This may also apply to your garage as it could be considered as a parking space.

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