Simply renovate the garage floor yourself

Vinyl tiles as an alternative to ceramic tiles or epoxy resin coating

Simply renovate the garage floor yourself: yourself

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Simply renovate the garage floor yourself: garage

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For those who want to renovate their garage again, but not on the durability ofceramic tiles trust or whom theSealing the concrete floor too expensive or, above all, too elaborate, there is now the perfect alternative: We are talking about theLoosely layable vinyl tiles, The modular garage floor can be laid in an instant, withstands a lot and is also incredibly beautiful to look at.

Unbeatable to use - easy and quick loose installation thanks to Lock system

For the relocation of thePVC garage floorFor example, Fortelock, many reasons speak, but one stands out in comparison to the above variants particularly: Theinnovative lock systemwith which you can handle the vinyl tiles as flexible as ever! It is a practical plug-in system in which you only thepuzzle-like plug-in connections have to merge. The whole thing is done completelywithout the use of glue, which allows you to easily remove the individual tiles as needed.

If a module has been damaged, it can be easily removed from the assembly and you can replace it without further ado. Or maybe you just have to do unplanned repairs to the floor underneath and can now clear the spot without having to rip your entire floor. Of course, removed modules can just as easily be reinserted into the composite. How few handles the whole thing, this shows Example Video:

In addition to thesimple and above all fast laying You can then use your garage directly, so you do not have to leave your fleet in the rain!

Different colors, finishes and qualities - choose the right floor for your project

As uncomplicated as the PVC garage floor may be, one would like to make sure that the floor can withstand the expected load. But even as far as their numerous properties are concerned, the PVC tiles can score points. For example, while the Fortelock range now includes a large number of collections, we particularly recommend the products for the garageFortelock Industry such asFortelock Invisible, bothdeveloped for the industrial sector were. That means you can withstand even the rigors of forklift trucks or pallet trucks, so you do not have to worry about the bottom not being up to your vehicles. In addition to your garage, the sturdy material is also suitable for workshops or hobby rooms, such as your personal fitness room.

Simply renovate the garage floor yourself: tiles

Thanks to the click system, vinyl tiles can be laid quickly.

To cope with the use in such places, the floor has onehigh resistance to most chemicals and also liquids, like engine oil, do no harm. And speaking of liquids: no water gets through the seamless plug connections! So that no moisture accumulates under the floor, the collections on the back have the so-calledAir flow system, Here, recessed channels ensure that the water can not accumulate and accumulate, thus providing mold and bacteria.

In addition, the floornon-slip and according to fire protection class Bfl-s1 onlyhardly inflammable, For the smooth driving with your car, you get to the individual products as wellpractical access ramps and corners and protect the edges of your PVC tiles.

In addition, you will also find many more collections, such asFortelock LightYour variant, if you need a stable floor, but do not expect quite as much load, the floor Eco, with recycled materials or the PVC tiles Home, Business or Solid DECOR, for laying in your living or business premises, You can also find more information about the individual collections on the official sales partner's site at, where you can obtain all the designs.

A garage floor that can be seen

Simply renovate the garage floor yourself: renovate

Many colors can be combined to your own design.

If you fear that you will have to forego a chic floor due to the extremely stable properties and the comfort of a simple installation, then you can look forward to it! Here stands above all theenormous color variety in the foreground, which awaits you especially in the industrial variants.

Design your floor in your favorite color and give your rooms an individual touch. The vinyl tiles are available in the colors red, blue, green or yellow. If you prefer less colorful, you can also access classic designs in black or gray. In addition, you can with thedifferent surface designs to provide the right atmosphere.

Put on oneauthentic checkered look for your garage or get theclassic knobbed structure to his home. Thesmooth grained surface on the other hand, the snakeskin-look version is perfect for your hobby room.

Ceramic tiles for the garage - a real alternative

Of course, if the PVC does not appeal to you despite all its advantages, you can of course also turn to the right ceramic tiles for the renovation of your garage. This variant has advantages and disadvantages, which then have to be weighed against each other.

A circumstance that speaks very much for the installation of ceramics in your garage is theLongevity of the material, Properly laid, the tiles serve you a felt eternity. They are difficult to damage, withstand even the load of cars and are not to be gotten small by the weather.

Simply renovate the garage floor yourself: floor

A well-tiled garage floor can last forever.

Moisture is no problem for them, as is the short-term effect of engine oil, and in general the tiles can be cleaned of impurities in no time by wiping them generously with water. Also available in modern colors and shapes, they do not lack aesthetics. When it comes to the pure functional fulfillment you are well advised with ceramics!

While the tiles once laid hardly offer a disadvantage, however, it requires some consideration before buying: For example, you can not use every tile to lay it out in the garage. Often there are clearly declaredGarage tiles or frost-resistant porcelain stoneware products that are suitable for your project. In contrast, stoneware tiles often do not withstand the load or are not protected against frost.

In addition, you should pay attention to a high abrasion class when buying, which will tell you more details about the strength of the ceramic. If you have found the right tiles, unfortunately it is not done. To be really stable and to last a long time, they must be glued and grouted. Both adhesive and grout must be designed for use in the garage and outdoors. This means that they also have to be resistant to chemicals and salts, otherwise they dissolve. The grout should also be flexible enough to respond to temperature variations and vibration.

DIY project or rather the help of the professional

Another point where the ghosts divide is the handling of the clay mixture. While the tiles are generally heavier than the presented PVC version, they can also be handled and laid by hand, depending on their size.

Simply renovate the garage floor yourself: garage

Laying tiles yourself requires a lot of practice.

However, you should never forget that a garage is not necessarily comparable to your living space. Other conditions apply here:Higher loads and more direct weather effects.

If you have no experience in dealing with the common installation, we recommend that you consult a specialist or give the installation directly into competent hands. Which also leads to the last criterion: the price. Be prepared to have to dig a little deeper into your pocket for the material alone. In addition, additional costs, such as joint adhesive and mass come to you. If you do not install the floor yourself, you can also expect additional costs here. If you have done everything right, you will be rewarded with a garage floor, which you do not have to touch so quickly!

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