Renovate garage floor - quickly and easily with loose-laying vinyl tiles

When it comes to the garage to renovate and renovateThere are many approaches that we often find too expensive, too cumbersome or too easy to maintain. A particularly good alternative is there the loose-laying garage floor from Fortelock, The practical and actually developed for the industry vinyl tiles look not only very good, they are also relatively cheap, highly resilient, easy to install and maintain without much effort!

Easy to lay and look beautiful - this advantage promises the innovative Lock system

The great advantage of Fortelock PVC tiles over coatings or ceramic tiles lies in their loose laying and the innovative lock system that seals and fastens this floor, Laying loose means you do not need glue, so your garage floor stays reliably in place. Not only does this mean quick and easy installation for you, it also means that you can use your PVC tiles right after installation and save a lot of work even during later refurbishment! The lock system itself is included a simple plug-in system that connects the individual click vinyl tiles, If necessary, the individual tiles can of course also be separated again and can be used again later or relocated elsewhere. How the installation works is shown in the following video:

Another special feature of the PVC garage floor is its appealing design. The Fortelock tiles are not only available in classic black, gray or graphite, but promise with numerous nuances of colors Green, red, blue or yellow a colorful variety of colors that can be seen! With different surface designs, for example with knobbed structures, corrugated sheet metal optics or a smoothly grained usable area, your garage or your own hobby room can also be used still completely individual, Of course, the individual decors can also be easily combined. Thus, you can bring even more variety in your premises or simply highlight only certain work areas!

If the connector system does not tell you optically, we recommend the Fortelock Invisible, where the lock system is easily hidden under the floor space! All colors and associated access ramps can be purchased for little money on

Renovate garage floor - quickly and easily with loose-laying vinyl tiles: floor

Renovate garage floor - quickly and easily with loose-laying vinyl tiles: renovate


Renovate garage floor - quickly and easily with loose-laying vinyl tiles: floor

Renovate garage floor - quickly and easily with loose-laying vinyl tiles: renovate


Extremely resilient - that's what the practical PVC tiles can do

A garage floor should look good, but above all, it must be one thing: resilient! That's why we especially recommend the products Fortelock Industry and Fortelock Invisible, both of which were designed for industrial use. They are so stable that they lay loose themselves with forklifts or pallet trucks can be driven. In addition, the surface is the same sound, heat and vibration insulation, so you no longer need additional products!

Thanks to the right long life of the garage floor Also eliminates frequent repairs and even against everyday liquids, such as engine oil, he is well prepared. Should some liquid or moisture accumulate, the so-called air flow system of the PVC garage floor prevents the water from accumulating under the floor and causing mold or bacteria to accumulate there. The PVC itself complies with the high fire protection class Bfl-s1 and is therefore considered as hardly inflammablewhile the non-slip surface ensures a firm footing.

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