Balancing garage floor - they have these possibilities

Garage floors can be or become uneven for a variety of reasons. How to compensate for a concrete floor in the garage, and which options in which cases no longer work, tells you in detail this post.

Reasons for level differences

Concrete can become sandy over time and crumble. As a result, the floor in the garage is also uneven and no longer has the same level everywhere.

When renovating such concrete floors, make sure that the load-bearing capacity of the concrete no longer exists. Here, usually costly measures are necessary to produce a sustainable, flat garage floor again.

What has to be done depends mainly on the condition of the concrete. If only leveling layers applied to the concrete, which is usually not effective, as they can tear due to the low load capacity of the damaged concrete.

Slight bumps

Slight unevenness in the concrete floor can be eliminated relatively easily with so-called self-leveling leveling compounds. They are simply poured onto the concrete floor and run to a flat surface. You may have to distribute something with the smoothing spatula.

There are different products in the trade, which are also suitable for the garage floor. A professional advice and in case of doubt under certain circumstances, the assessment of the soil by the expert but are advisable.

Larger height differences can not be remedied with self-leveling masses. If the height differences are in the centimeter range, you usually have to fill in beforehand.

Heavy bumps

If deep coolers are present in the concrete floor, or if improper watering has caused a "skew" of the floor, the floor must be roughly leveled with putties.

It is important to use only concrete putty, which is also suitable for the non-frost-free area. When filling, care must also be taken to remove the sintered layer from the concrete and to clean the concrete floor so that the putty can hold.

For each filler there is a maximum layer thickness that must not be exceeded. Here appropriate drying times are to be considered before the next layer can be applied.

After filling, you can then use leveling compound to get the floor perfectly flat again.

Tips & Tricks

Smoothing and leveling a concrete floor is not always easy - in case of doubt, let the expert do the job.

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