Garages: Set the swing gate

Adjustment is occasionally necessary with swing gates. Depending on whether it is a manual door drive or an electric door drive, but there are some things to be noted. When it comes time to readjust the garage door and how to do it the best way you can read this article.

Sign that an adjustment is necessary

As a rule, it can be assumed that it always makes sense to readjust the gate when it starts to get harder to open or close. In some cases, it can also happen that the gate "sagged".

A change in the goal weight can also make an adjustment necessary. This is for example always the case when something is hung on the garage door, or parts are removed from the garage door, because they bother.

An overhead door can only be opened and closed easily if the tension of the tension springs matches the door weight. If this is not the case, the tension springs must also be adjusted.

Check the tension spring tension

The tension of the tension springs is always correct if the gate stops at half height after opening.

If it continues to pull up, the tension spring tension must be lowered. If it stops before, the tension must be increased.

Only carefully change the voltage and check again and again. When the correct spring tension is restored, the gate should reopen and close smoothly and stop exactly half way up when opening.

Further measures

Before you change the spring tension, you can also check the rollers for damage or wear and thoroughly clean the rails. Often there is also the cause of an overly stiff garage door. Worn rollers should be replaced as soon as possible to avoid further damage to the gate in any case.

You can additionally lubricate all pivot points after setting and check the tightness of all screws. Then your garage door is in top condition and fully maintained.

Tips & Tricks

Also always check the gate stop and the gate. You can do this by means of certain measured values ​​which you will find in the operating instructions of your garage door. Also check that the existing rubber bumpers actually hit the designated places.

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