To paint a garage professionally

Even a garage needs a new coat of paint from time to time. This applies equally to the interior walls, the garage facade and the garage floor. Below you will find a comprehensive guide with valuable tips on painting your garage.

Used colors and materials

Like houses, garages can be constructed of different materials. Accordingly, the selection of the materials you need for the painting and the related preparatory work will depend on it.

  • Garage roof
  • Garage facade
  • garage
  • Garage inner walls
  • Garage floor

Paint the garage roof

Of course, you do not have to paint a garage with roof tiles. However, the garage roof can also be designed differently.

  • Fiber or corrugated cement plates (Eternit plates)
  • flat roof
Paint the flat roof of the garage

The flat roof is usually cleaned and painted with special bitumen. Then lay roofing felt or bituminous membranes. The webs overlap and bond with tar or bitumen. If you want to repair individual areas on such a flat roof, filler bitumen is suitable. There is also a special color for bituminous membranes, which you can paint on.

Paint the fiber cement roof of the garage

Such a special color is also available for garage roofs made of fiber cement. Remember, however, that asbestos-containing fiber cement panels were banned only from 1993 - and there only in German production. Although you do not need to remove asbestos-containing roofs, you must not drill holes or pre-clean them with a steam jet.

Paint the garage facade

Garages are like houses also mostly plastered. After plastering, use the color you are using.

  • mineral plasters
  • dispersion plasters
  • Synthetic resin plasters

When purchasing facade paint, make sure that it is suitable for the plaster you apply. In addition, you must check the properties of the plaster according to certain criteria.

  • Sandend
  • not sanding
  • sucking
  • not sucking

Prepare and coat absorbent and sanding plasters of your garage

For sucking and sanding plasters, you must first paint the garage with a deep foundation. On the one hand, the deep foundation solidifies sanding plaster, on the other hand, it regulates the removal of moisture from the facade paint. Otherwise, the paint would lean out and could not set properly. If the facade is very sanding, you have to cut off the plaster and plaster it again.

Check the adhesion of the facade plaster of your garage

After you have determined these properties of the plaster, you must still look for damage and check its adhesion to the masonry of the garage. To do this, tap the outside of the garage with a hammer and a beater. Beat the plaster generously from chipped areas. You can use repair mortars at small repair sites, but for larger surfaces you should preferably use the same plaster applied to the garage facade.

Clean the facade before painting the garage

As a last step before painting the garage, clean it with a steam jet and a brush of dirt and mosses. These mechanical effects can also lead to detachment. To thoroughly check the entire plaster of your garage before painting. Allow enough time for the garage façade to dry completely after cleaning. Then you can paint your garage from the outside. Facade paints should preferably be open to diffusion.

Paint the interior walls of the garage

On the inner walls you can use almost any color. However, the wall paints used in the garage should also be open to diffusion, as the humidity, especially in older garages, is often regulated by the masonry. Also, you should not use lime paints. They chalk, that is, when touching, you have some of the lime on your clothes. Since garages are naturally narrow and you touch the walls more often accidentally, lime paint or lime mud is not recommended.

Non-plastered garage facades and interior walls

Prefabricated garages consist of concrete elements, including the walls. Therefore, it may be that neither interior nor exterior walls are plastered. In this case you also need concrete paint for the walls of the garage for painting.

Paint the garage floor

Most garage floors are concrete. However, you can not use conventional concrete paint to paint. You have to resort to a concrete paint that is specially adapted to the requirements of a garage. These special concrete paints for garages do not contain any ingredients that can react with the softeners of your car's tires. They are also oil and acid resistant. For strongly absorbent floors, you must first apply a deep foundation. Also note that many garage floors are designed so that you can swing, so the color must be elastic.

Paint the garage door

Garage doors are also metal and wood. Correspondingly, pre-painting and brushing also differ here.

Paint wooden garage doors

Wooden garage doors grind or remove the old paint. Then you repair damaged areas with a putty and grind the gate again. Depending on the system used, you can paint your wooden garage door differently.

  • Impregnate
  • prime
  • based paint
  • topcoat
  • sealing

Paint garage door out of metal

For metal garage doors, you must differentiate the different metals.

  • Non-ferrous metals (non-ferrous metals, for example aluminum)
  • Ferrous metals (conventional sheet or steel sheet
  • Galvanized gates (usually sheet steel or hot-dip galvanized steel)

The painting of garage doors made of metal depends very specifically on the material used. Therefore, you will find in the house journal to the respective guides and instructions, for example, for [painting of metal], [painting of non-ferrous metal] or galvanized sheets.

Tips & Tricks

Never paint your garage at temperatures below 5 degrees Celsius. But conversely, you should never paint the facade and roof in the blazing sun, as the paint dries too quickly.

Especially for painting your garage facade, you may need a scaffolding. Hardware stores and many tool lenders also offer scaffolding for rent.

You do not necessarily have to scratch your garage floor. Instead tiles are also available. Which tiles you best lay and also for tiles from the garage floor, we offer in the house journal appropriate guides and instructions.

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