Overbuilt garage - is this possible?

The space above the garage is often an unused space. If you now need additional living space, an overbuilding of the garage would certainly offer. Whether this is possible, with which problems one may have to reckon with, and where limitations may lie, you will learn in this post.

Superstructure of the garage

A garage attached to the house can be overbuilt in many cases. Only the corresponding technical and building regulations must be met. But sometimes there can be problems.

Pure garages as a parking space for vehicles are fundamentally "privileged" in construction law. This means, unlike all other buildings, garages may be built right up to the property boundaries. All other buildings, however, must comply with a minimum distance of 3 m to the property boundary.

In the case of overbuilding the garage, the garage would then no longer be a garage, but the entire building will become a "living space", even if the garage would continue to be used. However, if the garage is located on the property boundary (or less than 3 meters away), overbuilding would not be allowed.

Building permit

Not all superstructures on the garage are automatically approved. The responsible building authority can also refuse to overbuild. In individual cases, municipal building regulations must always be taken into account, not only the state building regulations of the respective federal state.

Load capacity as a static problem

The roof of the garage must of course be able to support the weight of the superstructure. To ensure this, extensive static calculations are necessary. In many cases masonry garages are not able to apply the required load capacity in the roof area. Technically, then very complex solutions must be made.

Agreement of the neighbors

Every construction project must be approved by the neighbors. If the neighbors are not willing to agree to overbuild because they have less sun in the garden, the project has definitely failed.

Detached garages

In freestanding garages arise in many cases, further legal and technical problems.

Tips & Tricks

Incidentally, if individual parts of the garage extend beyond the line of the property boundary, this also requires the consent of the neighbor. In most cases, then probably a so-called "building load" registered on the neighboring property. This is possible in principle but of course that individual parts can protrude over the property boundaries.

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