Garbage bin broken - who pays?

In Germany, there are many completely different systems for waste disposal. Even today, in some areas, the garbage cans have to be bought by the consumers themselves. In other regions, the tons are rented. Depending on which system is yours and who is to blame for the broken garbage bin, there are also differences in the costs.

Garbage bin for rent

Many consumers who need to rent their garbage can, so to speak, know nothing about it. The fee for the rent is in the disposal costs and is often not shown separately. With a rented ton, it is usually the case that the company provides you with a new ton if the old garbage bin is damaged. Usually, just call the waste management company and you will receive a new tonne and the corresponding badge.


Of course, most companies will charge you if the old bin has been damaged by your fault. For example, if you put glowing charcoal or ash that is too hot in the plastic bucket, you can almost certainly pay for the dustbin. Unfortunately, a plastic fire is always very visible, so you should rather put the facts on the table.

winter damage

At temperatures well below zero degrees garbage cans are particularly often damaged by the garbage trucks. The plastic is then very brittle due to the cold and the steel arms of the garbage truck break relatively quickly through the plastic shell of the bin.

Garbage bin as property

If the dustbin belongs to you, the problem of damage is usually passed on to you. Before you buy a possibly overpriced new bin directly from the disposal company, you should look around in the Internet and in the hardware stores in the area, if the same tonne is not cheaper.

Tips & Tricks

If you have ever had problems with a damaged tonne, the cost of which may have been passed on to you, you should always take a brief photograph of the bin prior to removal. So then you have a proof that the garbage bin was still intact when you put it on the road.

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