Build trash bin lining yourself - step by step construction manual

A garbage bin cover made of wood and stainless steel perforated sheet is the simplest way to build a cladding for the dumpster. A garbage bin cover is made in a few hours. We will show you in step by step instructions how to proceed and what to look for.

Step by step construction manual garbage bin cover

  • bar
  • Afford
  • Perforated sheets / stainless steel plates
  • Spacer / tube stainless steel
  • hinges
  • Ground anchor / point foundations
  • screw
  • threaded rods
  • carriage bolts
  • Screw clamps / clamping clamps
  • Cordless Screwdriver
  • drilling machine
  • screwdriver
  • hammer

1. Set foundation

For a lining of the dumpster usually a simple impact bottom sleeve per upright stand is sufficient. So in most cases you can only get four pods. However, you can also set a point foundation with cement. Under no circumstances should the beams be simply let into the ground. The wood would rot too fast and the whole construction would go awry and possibly collapse.

2. Join beams and strips

If you use perforated sheets, screw two strips on the sides of the beams at corners. On these strips then the perforated plate is screwed. Instead of the perforated sheet of stainless steel, you can also use wood trellis, if you can find the nicer or cheaper.

3. Put on the beams

The beams are then placed on the foundations. The strips should each point to the interior of the shelter for the garbage cans.

4. Screw the perforated plates

The perforated plates secure with a screw or clamp clamp on the last, to screw them to it. Use stainless steel screws to prevent rust later. If you bought very thin sheet metal, you should put a small frame from the wooden strips on the back.

5. Insert doors

Depending on how many doors you need, you should screw a frame made of the same strips that you used for the side panels to the back of the perforated sheet metal plates concerned. These strips are then attached to the beams with hinges. If you want, you can still screw a lock on the doors. The perforated plate makes that very possible.

6. Put on cover

In this example, we once put a stationary lid on the garbage bin hiding place. So you can even create a raised bed or a roof greening there. Threaded rods are inserted into the upright beams. On these threaded rods insert empty tubes or nuts in the desired strength. This keeps the lid away from the substructure so that the air can circulate well. The lid itself is then also secured with nuts on the threaded rods.

Tips & Tricks

If you want to create a bed on the trash can box, you should make the lid of a hardboard that you surrounded with an aluminum frame. In it you can tinker an inner tub of PVC or pond liner, which does not let water through. It does not matter if you are breeding pickle salad or flowers, space is enough.

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