Garden bench made of europallets build yourself

Garden bench made of europallets build yourself: build

Furniture made of pallets are in vogue and will used in the garden. Their advantage lies in their stable construction and the weather resistance. Finally, they are produced for rough use in wind and weather.

Pallet furniture also has a very special charm, which supports the industrial look and yet radiates heat through the use of wood. Many onlineShops take advantage of the trend and offer finished furniture made of pallets, But the price often leaves you breathless.

Our Construction manual of a garden bench made of europallets however, it shows how easy it is to build your own pallet furniture. Euro pallets are quite cheap from 17 € to get or even by delivery of goods already available. The construction itself rarely requires greater craftsmanship.

Required tools and work materials

Garden bench made of europallets build yourself: made

For the garden bench two europallets are needed.

Needed tools:

  • hammer
  • Chisel, stable screwdriver or nail iron (Kuhfuß)
  • Pincers (for pulling the nails)
  • Cordless Screwdriver
  • Saw (jigsaw, circular saw or saber saw)
  • Grinding tool (orbital sander or eccentric sander)
  • possibly long screw clamps

Garden bench made of europallets build yourself: build

Overhanging nails can be removed beforehand.

Required work materials:

  • 2 pallets (strongly used or as good as new)
  • various screws (small maximum 40 mm long, large at least 80 mm long)
  • If necessary, waterproof wood glue

Step 1: Pallet 1 - Remove the footboard with pads and planks

Garden bench made of europallets build yourself: europallets

Carefully disassemble pallets, boards are still needed

To the Removing the boards and thus the nails, There are different variants. A bit more elaborate is the boring of the nail heads. Here, a drill is used, which is slightly larger than the nail diameter (about 3-4 mm) and drilled with this center of the nail head from above.

After only a few millimeters of drilling depth, the head separates from the shaft and falls off. Are so all nail heads removed, can be loosen the board with little effort. The rest of the nail can be removed with a pair of pliers. This method prevents damage to the boards and is particularly suitable for new pallets, as the nails are clearly visible here.

Garden bench made of europallets build yourself: build

Prepared first pallet

Older pallets have often been repaired and have more nails, which are sometimes barely visible. In this case, the individual boards should be pried off, which can be done with a nail iron, chisel or other aids. One should despite the high power requirement take care not to damage the boards.

The first pallet is freed on both sides of half of the footboard and the support boards. All removed boards are still needed The blocks can be disposed of.

Step 2: Screw on pallet 1 - boards from the bottom again

Garden bench made of europallets build yourself: europallets

Screw the loosened boards on the other side again.

The first pallet serves our garden bench later as a back support and backrest. The removed boards must therefore be screwed on the other side again. Can be used for this purpose all boards as a closed back or even two with a small distance between the boards. All existing boards can be used for this purpose and divided according to their own taste.

Since the palette used is already a bit old and the boards have clear cracks, they will placed close together to be held in shape.

Garden bench made of europallets build yourself: bench

Boards can be repaired with waterproof glue.

When screwing, make sure that the screws are not too long and survive. Whether it is screwed from the front or the rear depends on the condition of the boards. The screw should always go through the worse wood first and sit with the thread in the sturdier wood. For new pallets, the old nail holes can be used, which are therefore no longer visible. In older pallets, the wood has burst in many cases along the nail holes and should not be screwed again at this point.

Are boards burst heavily, The crack can be filled up with waterproof glue and the board can be pressed together again with a screw clamp when screwing. The screw clamp must remain on the board until the glue dries.

Step 3: Pallet 2 - Remove the footboard and pads

Garden bench made of europallets build yourself: bench

Remove a footboard with clogs.

From the second pallet will be also removed the footboard and the blocks. Both are no longer needed. Sometimes it happens that removing the nails also dissolves the outer support board. In this case it can be fixed with two small screws and gets enough hold when assembling the garden bench.

Garden bench made of europallets build yourself: build

Share pallet along the middle board.

After loosening the boards and blocks - These can be used well for other projects - the pallet must be divided along the center board. A jigsaw is particularly well suited for this, as it can be easily guided along the edge of the upper board. The use of a circular saw or saber saw is also possible. However, the exact guidance of the saw blade is heavier.

Garden bench made of europallets build yourself: europallets

The second pallet is ready.

When sawing, make sure that the middle support board and the blocks form as much as possible an escape. If that is not the case, should rather survive the blocks than the board, because they later form the contact surface for screwing. If sawing is done when dividing the pallet into the protruding block (which can hardly be avoided in this case), this is no problem.

Step 4: Pallet 1 and 2 - build garden bench

Garden bench made of europallets build yourself: bench

Set up the two prefabricated pallets.

There are already all preparations completed and the garden bench made of europallets can be finished. For this purpose, pallet 1 is set up as a backrest and pallet 2 as a front foot. The sawn-off piece of the second pallet serves as a seat.

Garden bench made of europallets build yourself: europallets

Attach the second part of the pallet 2 as a seat.

In order to give stability to the self-made garden bench, which of course can also be used as a flower bank used large screws and screwed each in the blocks of the front and rear pallet become. If these are no longer strong enough, additional angles must be attached.

Step 5: Sand the garden bench and shape the surface

Garden bench made of europallets build yourself: europallets

Grind surfaces and smooth edges

Our self-made garden bench made of europallets is and can be used. Of course, nobody wants to have a splinter in the butt and therefore it is advisable to grind at least the contact surfaces (seat, back and front foot area). Here you are allowed to work with coarse emery cloth (80er grit). Especially the corners of slightly splintered boards must be clearly deburred.

For newer pallets with little damage, of course, all surfaces may be sanded. The wood and the garden bench then look like "new". If you prefer the rustic style of the europallets, limited to the contact surfaces and a rough bevel. Similarly, the new garden bench may be colored.

After the work is done enjoyed the self-built garden bench at the after-work beer become.

Garden bench made of europallets build yourself: build

The garden bench made of Euro pallets is ready and the beer earned.

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