Plan the garden chair carefully before building it yourself

Seating for the garden must be weatherproof, provide a secure footing even on unpaved ground and be well storable in winter. So that after the self build the garden chair meets all needs, a forward-looking planning is recommended. Durability and durability are also determined by details.

planning factors

Before the start of construction, a forward-looking design profile should be created. It lists all properties that the garden chair should bring later. As building materials come wood and metal in question. Please note the later place of use. Paved patio floors and outdoor courts on lawns or gravel make different demands on the chair feet. The following characteristics and factors should be taken into account when planning and making your own:

  • Weather resistance through appropriate surface treatment and sealing
  • Moisture resistance and runnability of precipitation (no waterlogging)
  • Stainless metallic components such as hinges and screws
  • Protection against UV light by protective sealing
  • Seat carrying capacity also for heavy persons
  • Foldable or stackable for storage
  • Chair feet have to be adapted to the ground conditions
  • Convenience in terms of height and size of the seat
  • Backrest tilt
  • armrests
  • Fixed or mobile upholstery
  • Dead weight of the chair chassis
  • Sketch your own building instructions

Stability and corrosion

Similar to the construction of a deck chair or a rocking chair, the load bearing capacity should be designed for the expected visitors and users. If a corpulent uncle is one of the family members who regularly visit the summer barbecues, the garden chairs should bring the required stability. The average guideline for an adult is about 85 kilograms. The chair should be designed for at least one hundred kilograms.

Since moisture is always present in garden chairs, wood and steel should be treated accordingly. Transparent spreads preserve the natural character. For fastenings such as screws, hinges, angles and bands only stainless metals are considered.

Covers and upholstery

When loosely layable chair covers, chair cushions and chair mats are sewn, there are often several advantages:

  • The upholstery can be stored fast weatherproof
  • The space requirement of the garden chair during storage drops
  • The upholstery elements can be washed

Sewn rubber bands and loops are ideal for removing the chairs and still have mobile removable upholstery.

Tips & Tricks

If you design "heavy" quality, you can mount lockable castors under the garden chair or garden bench for movement or storage.

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