Rebuild garden chair and improve ease of care

The weakest link on a garden chair is usually the covering. While wooden or metal racks are often perfectly fine, textiles fade and can break. When re-stringing fabric or finished replacement covers can be used. In most cases, the new voltage helps to increase the ease of care.

Select new fabric

New equipment as finished products is available as accessory for almost every garden chair. In addition to the usually high price, the choice of colors and decors is often limited. Therefore, it is advisable to purchase suitable sheet goods in the free trade of cloth and to sew out of these threads.

The most important factors are the load capacity, elasticity and tensile strength of the fabric. Unlike using a sofa, a regular chair or a rocking chair, elasticity also plays a role. For garden chair coverings, the most suitable and most durable fabric fabrics can be found under the keywords:

  • sailcloth
  • Zeltstoff
  • Canvas
  • awning fabric
  • ply tissue

Generally, synthetic fabrics are more tear resistant than natural ones. Through blends or high-quality weaving techniques, the properties can be adjusted. For sufficiently durable and loadable fabrics should be calculated up to twenty euros per square meter.

Plan removable covers

Hanging and fastening techniques on a garden chair are permanently applied to many original clothing. In most cases, a removal, for washing the covers or to store weatherproof, is not provided. When re-stringing this property should be technically possible. Velcro straps ensure sufficient durability and permanent removability. Nailed, stapled or glued joints should be avoided.

Tailors have a niche existence in today's consumer-friendly consumer climate. But they still exist almost everywhere and the "persuaders" are happy to receive commissions beyond the button sewing and shortening. For the production of new fabric coverings for the garden chair can be calculated with moderate working prices. Tailoring companies also offer their service for little money.

After presenting a photo of the garden chair and a dimensional sketch, an accomplished tailor can easily make the new restraint. Velcro closures can be purchased or the professional is left to the care.

Tips & Tricks

If necessary, you should repair your lawn chair after the old stringing off. You can also flatten potentially damaging sharp edges.

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