Garden fence made of metal

The garden fence made of metal shines above all by its stability and its durability. Metal fences are hard to break and overcome, providing effective protection against intruders on the property. The various designs in which the metal fence is available can also make a significant contribution to the visual design of your garden. We will inform you about the different materials, their advantages and disadvantages and give helpful tips for the purchase and maintenance of a metal fence for the garden.

Fence made of metal

Overview on the garden fence made of metal

  • Material differences in the metal fence in the garden
  • Metal fence and costs
  • The right care for the garden fence made of metal

Material differences in the metal fence in the garden

Metal fence is not the same metal fence: Again, there are still big differences. Stainless steel or aluminum? Wire mesh, rods or flourishes? You have the choice between the most diverse models, which in turn have all the advantages and disadvantages.

Aluminum has a very low weight, which simplifies the processing and assembly. It is optically high-quality, modern and durable. A fence made of steel is even more stable and resistant, has a higher weight, but this must not be a disadvantage when it comes to securing the property. Wire mesh is cheap to buy and easily suitable for large areas.

A particularly good visibility and wind protection are metal fences but only conditionally: The denser the individual elements, the better you are protected from view, however, dense metal fences quickly seem very bulky and stocky. That's why most of the models you find on the market are not designed to be opaque. If you want to benefit from the security of a metal fence, but at the same time looking for a visual screen, could fall back on a combination of metal fence and lush plantings, for example by flowering shrubs or evergreen hedges.

Metal fence and costs

Chain link fence for the garden boundary

Chain link fence for the garden boundary

The cost of a metal fence varies widely between models. The wire mesh fence with its wire core also belongs to the metal fences and is located in the lower price segment. In his classic dark green he is well camouflaged in your garden, but does not contribute much to the beautification of your garden.

Quite different is the romantic, curved ornamental fence: various models with bows, patterns and ornaments underscore the playful ambience of a flowery garden. If you prefer modern and willing to invest a little more, is well advised with simple stainless steel fences. They are made of high quality material, are stable and durable and available in simple yet aesthetic designs.

The right care for the garden fence made of metal

The modern metal fence is a fairly easy-care affair, making it very suitable for greening. Chain-link fences provided with a plastic coating require no maintenance except for occasional cleaning. The same applies to hot-dip galvanized materials. This treatment prevents the material from rusting over time and becoming porous. Uncoated fences are now rather outdated and can be found less often in specialist shops. However, this type of garden fence must be maintained regularly with anti-rust paint.

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