Garden fireplace on wheels: Mobile barbecue

Mobile barbecue: Grill in the garden, wherever you want

Garden fireplace on wheels: Mobile barbecue: garden

Barbeque fireplaces are a nice thing. They spread a warm, cozy atmosphere in the garden and can be used after the meal is still as atmospheric outdoor heating. The problem with barbecue fireplaces, however, is that they are relatively bulky and stand around uselessly when not in use.

A grill on wheels, which you can move and place in the shed in winter, offers a solution to this problem.

With our mobile garden fireplace, which can be made by experienced DIYers mostly from commercial parts, the dream of mobile barbecue pleasure can be a reality. Our detailed instructions show how solid steel sheet can be used to make a mobile garden fireplace.

Required materials and tools


  • 1 steel serving table on wheels with solid steel surface from the gastro area, ideally in the dimensions 100 x 60 cm
  • 1 food for outdoor fireplaces or extractor hoods
  • 1 solid sheet metal tray, 25 x 50 cm, thickness min. 1.5 mm (gastro area)
  • sheet steel, Thickness min. 1.8 mm, 200 x 60 cm
  • 6 angle steel strips, 25 x 2 cm
  • 1 grill grate, 30 x 60 cm (or in the self-determined width of the barbecue fireplace)
  • approximately 50 stainless steel screws, washers and nuts, Size M6, length 15 mm


  • shears
  • drilling machine with sharpHSS drills (6mm and 8mm)
  • jigsaw with metal saw blade for steel
  • wrench or ratcheting box
  • folding machine (also loaned in good hardware stores)


Garden fireplace on wheels: Mobile barbecue: barbecue

Before the assembly of the garden fireplace are some first sheet metal machining necessary. First, the top plate of the steel table must receive a rectangular cutout in the size of the steel tub, which will later absorb the coal. This cutout must be carried out as exactly as possible with the jigsaw and a HSS saw blade. The cuts must then be deburred.

Then that will be Sheet metal for the side and rear wall according to the adjacent drawing bent on the bending bench, For the inwardly folded tabs, miter cuts must be made in the four corners of the back wall. For this purpose, the tin snips are used. On the bending bench sheet metal tabs of 20 mm must be bent.

Assembly of barbecue fireplace

Garden fireplace on wheels: Mobile barbecue: barbecue

The barbecue chimney is now assembled in the following order: First, the steel pan is inserted into the top plate of the serving table and screwed to the corners with four screws. For this purpose, first with the 6mm HSS drill aligned holes in the tub rim and the table top drilled.

Subsequently, the rear and side wall structure is placed around the tub and screwed with three screws on the rear wall and the side walls with the table.

At the top the food is put on. For this purpose, the tabs must be bent in the angle of the side walls. Subsequently, three screws per side are also set here.

Assembly of the support strips for the grill grate

The shelves for the grill are screwed into the side walls at the end. For this purpose holes are drilled in exactly the same height in the sides and the support strips and then screwed tight. Now the grill can be inserted.

The barbecue party can begin now. We wish you a lot of fun while "grilling" on the mobile barbecue fireplace!

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