Design garden fountains - individually and cheaply

To design your own garden fountain yourself, there are countless possibilities. Here are a few ideas on how to design a very individual garden fountain. Above all, it is important that you look with open eyes. Attic and cellar are just as helpful places as the forest or the beach.

Cascades and waterfalls from the kitchen

Old soup bowls or coffee pots can be properly installed on a garden fountain, leading a second life as a waterfall. The objects can be placed, for example, with a small hole in the ground offset on a threaded rod. The position of nuts and large washers allows the objects to be used at the correct distance. Then the water splashes from jug to jug.

Another idea to make a well from old kitchen objects are big old ladles. On flea markets you can still find very large copper ladles, which are ideal for well construction.

Gutters made of copper

A true labyrinth of waterfalls can be made with pieces of gutters, which are each mounted more or less obliquely one above the other. So a gutter feeds each of the underlying, which may flow in a completely different direction.

Stones and wooden elements

The stonemasons on site often have very unusual stones, into which the expert also likes to drill a hole for the well. Some wood elements can be used in a similar way, but they can turn the water brown if left untreated.

Tips & Tricks

Stones and wooden sculptures in the fountain do not necessarily have to be real. Styrofoam blocks, which are plastered with tile adhesive, you can make forms that look completely real. Then only a little more color is needed. Finally, you should coat the plant with epoxy resin to preserve it permanently.

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