Stringing garden furniture - how does it work?

If still intact garden chairs are slowly sitting through and the tissue is no longer intact, the question often arises of a new voltage. If this works, where to find suitable fabrics and how to proceed best, read our article.

Requirements for the substance

The fabric that can be used for stringing has to meet some requirements:

  • he has to be weatherproof
  • he should be lightfast
  • it should be UV resistant (important especially for plastic fabrics)
  • it must be sufficiently stable and tear-resistant
  • you have to be able to attach it safely

The fabric must still have sufficient tensile strength under high tensile load and must not sag when loaded with weight.

If you are considering relocking, you should first take a closer look at their garden chairs. In what way is the fabric attached? Where is he sewn?

Suitable substances

Some awning fabrics can be considered for tear resistance and weather resistance - but in most cases this will hardly work because most of these fabrics do not have sufficient load-bearing capacity.

Usually you will PP fabric or cover fabrics need to use. If you find outdoor upholstery fabrics that appear to be sufficiently strong for you, you can try them on a trial basis.


PP fabrics are often very cheap in many DIY stores and garden centers. Not all these tissues are equally viable, and not all are actually lightfast. At around EUR 3 per running meter these fabrics are usually available in stores.

Awning fabrics or outdoor fabrics are usually priced from EUR 4 to EUR 10 per meter. This cost is usually worth it for the new rest, if you otherwise would have to buy new chairs. Outdoor canvas is also available from around 10 EUR per meter. In some cases, however, these fabrics may still be difficult to sew and only dry slowly.

Tarpaulin fabric is the most expensive - here you have to count on meter prices of around 35 - 50 EUR. These substances are best suited for the purpose.


As a rule, the fabrics are fastened by suitable sewing. Tackling can also be an alternative in some cases. Be sure to follow the method of fixing the old cover.

Tips & Tricks

Perhaps it can also be arranged that you simply make a new covering from old (very thin) plastic hoses. This works in many cases. Pay attention to the tear resistance.

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