Building garden games and play streets

Building garden games and play streets: garden

Outdoor group games - ideal for garden parties and street parties

At garden parties and street parties self-built garden play and play stations provide variety and movement.

A classic are throwing games: In addition to classic rifle shooting and blindfold games, there are also modern "newcomers" such as the Viking chess "Kubb". In other garden games ball games are varied - from kicker football table with people to minigolf.

Dexterity is required in many games, from stilt walking to a steady hand on the "hot rod".

Especially popular for street parties, of course, are the games of chance, where self-made prices can be raffled.

Contents: Building instructions for play stations and garden play facilities

  • Build a throwing game
  • Build skill games as a game station
  • Electronics games for the street party: The Hot Wire and Co.
  • Stilts build for stilt racing competitions
  • Build ball games as a game station
  • Build games yourself

Further interesting building instructions

  • Playgrounds for the garden: build a sandbox, seesaw, swing yourself
  • Build play tower and climbing frame for the garden
  • Build sports equipment and sports facilities yourself
  • Football blueprints
  • Slingshots and catapults build
  • Building Instructions for Arduino and Raspberry Pi

Build a throwing game

Build a throwing game

Instructions for building a blind hole throwing game (also known as "cornhole"). Illustrated step-by-step instructions with blueprint.

Throwing machine for chocolate kisses

Catapult for chocolate kisses, which must be caught. Provides fun and entertainment on every kid's birthday. - Detailed instructions for rebuilding

Kubb (Viking chess) figures [PDF]

Blueprint drawing for the characters of the Viking chess game Kubb.
at Helmuts Website


Instructions for a throwing game with "Almdudler" caps.
Creative box

Play station: with tennis balls, targets in flower form must be hit and knocked over. Illustrated manual.
Creative box

Cheese hole spin

Play station: a slingshot for chocolate kisses made of screen-printed wood or recycled wood residues. Illustrated instructions with blueprint drawings.
Creative box

Chestnut fly ball

Making a shuttlecock from chestnuts Instructions with image
at ZZZebra

Ring Toss Game

Throwing game with rings for inside and outside
at Unique Projects

Build skill games as a game station

Hole wall-busting

A puck must be brought through a hole maze with two strings. Construction manual for the game station made of OSB boards.
Creative box

peas swatter

Playstation made of HT pipe and wood. Construction manual with illustrations and rule explanation.
Creative box

Hot train

Simple construction manual for a wooden ball track for a game of skill with rules explanation.
Creative box

Electronics games for the street party: The Hot Wire and Co.

Dexterity game: The hot wire

Instructions for building a small play station "the hot wire". Illustrated step-by-step video tutorial.
with Thomas Pfeifer

Hot-wire Game Station

Page with construction manuals for many different variants of the ELektro game classic "The Hot Wire" as a game station. Project pictures and circuit diagrams.
Creative box


Building instructions for Buzz boards for quiz games, which can be the first word announce. Pictures and circuits.
Creative box

Stilts build for stilt racing competitions

Running A

Special form of a Stelzenspiels as a group play. Construction manual with construction drawing.
Creative box

Building instructions for simple baby stilts [PDF]

Instructions for simple baby stilts made of timbers and wooden blocks.
at Kulturdidaktik

Adjustable toy stilts

Illustrated manual for the construction of adjustable stilts for children.
at perfect homecoming

Simple wooden stilts

Child-friendly construction manual for simple wooden stilts made of wooden blocks.
at Popular Mechanics

Stilts for buckling [PDF]

Building instructions for strapped stilts. The high stilts can be worn by artists.
at Stiltman

Construction manual for stilts

in two versions: height adjustable and not adjustable
at Baumarkt

Playhouse with sandpit

Building a playhouse on stilts with a sandpit - instructions with construction sketches and material list
at Baumarkt

Play tower with house

Instructions for a large playhouse on stilts with slide, swing, ladder and sandpit
at plannow

Build ball games as a game station

Build minigolf course yourself

Construction manual for a small miniature golf course for your own garden with rackets, obstacles and ramps. Instructions with blueprints and pictures.

Kolping "Human Kicker"

Description and instructions for a football table for real people who can be played on street parties. Built from dismountable parts occupies the 5 times 9 meters area.
at Kolping Human Kicker

Build games yourself

Wheel of Fortune Las Vegas Style

Illustrated instructions for a wheel of fortune with ball bearings on metal stands.
at 1-2-do

Beekeeper Wheel of Fortune

Guide to building a wheel of fortune for a street party. Material list, building instructions, construction sketch and questions as separate PDF downloads
at ADIZ / the bee / beekeeper friend

Wheel of fortune from bicycle rim

Playstation: a bicycle rim is fixed in a wooden stand and painted with lucky numbers.
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