Build wooden gazebo

Build wooden gazebo: build

Gazebos in the garden are not only real eye-catchers, but also provide weatherproof garden parties the opportunityto continue to party under the protective roof. How home improvement with simple means to build a beautiful, stable and permanent garden pavilion, we show in this pavilion construction manual.

To build a pavilion yourself, you only need the materials and tools mentioned below. The Base made of concrete slabs saves the construction of a concrete foundationNevertheless, the structure is filigree and can be realized without unnecessary intermediate supports.

We also want one more clean up orthographic misunderstandingEven if it is said otherwise: It is called "Pavilion" and not "Pavilion".

These instructions to build yourself was kindly provided by Roland Schröder.

Building materials for the wooden pavilion


8 concrete walkway slabs, 50 x 50 cm

8 €

21 planed boards, 220 x 12 x 1.8 cm

141 €

Roof battens, 12 running meters

17 €

5 m² Rauhspund boards

30 €

3 chipboards, 155 x 225 x 1.9 cm

113 €

Support post, 70 mm square timber, 270 cm

15 €

Circular board solid wood, Ø 40 cm, 17 mm thickness

5 €

6 strips, edge length, 2 x 4 cm, length: 115 cm

12 €

7 m² roofing shingles

26 €

3 liters of priming paint

15 €

3 liters matching varnish

15 €

approx. 50 wood screws, 4.5 x 60 mm

5 €

about 50 wood screws, 4.5 x 20 mm

5 €

about 200 roofing nails

5 €

12 flat connectors, 80 x 160 mm

12 €

wood glue

3 €

Required tools

  • Akkubohrschrauber
  • 3 mm wood drill
  • Hand circular saw or jigsaw
  • Folding rule or tape measure
  • pencil
  • ruler
  • hammer

Build pavilion yourself

Build the base plate for the pavilion

Build wooden gazebo: gazebo

Scheme of the floor slabs and floor construction of the pavilion

A wooden gazebo is needed stable foundation: First of all, the 8 concrete walkway slabs are laid side by side as described in the picture. Then the slats are cut to size according to the drawing.

The dimensions need only be approximate. In the next step, lay the slats on the stones.

On these slats are now the Rough pound boards screwed: To do this, press the tongue and groove together and then secure the boards to the crossbar with the longer screws.

In the last step, the rougher planks are sawn off once around with the jigsaw, so that one equilateral hexagon arises. Overall, the width of the hexagon must be 250 cm on all sides.

Cutting the frame

Build wooden gazebo: build

Frame construction of the pavilion

Since it is a hexagonal pavilion made of wood with a pitched roof, the cut is a bit tricky. We recommend for the further construction of a circular saw with stop or a jigsaw.

The Boards for the posts Beveled so they later carry the roof. If you do not use a protractor, do the following: Place the 220 cm board across the workbench and mark the top left edge 7 cm from the corner of the board.

Now draw a line from the marking to the left lower corner of the board - the angle for sawing is ready. A total of this process must be done 12 times for all posts become.

Following a similar principle, the post and beam built. Since they form the hexagonal construction, they must also be bevelled: First, from the long boards 12 pieces à 121.5 cm sawn.

These are slanted on both sides by measuring 7 cm at each corner and marking the spot. This point is then connected to the two lower corners. Along the line, the slope is now sawed off. this Repeat the process a total of 12 times.

Mounting the frame

The tailor-made post boards and latches are screwed together - as shown in the adjacent picture. You have to do this with a 3 mm wood drill the screw connections for the bolt through the post boards pre-drill through. For a better grip, the narrow sides of the bars should also be painted with some wood glue.

Then the bolts are screwed down with two screws. The finished frame then fasten with the lower latch on the bottom plate with three screws each. In addition, the frames are bolted to the post boards with two screws each. So the construction represents a stable basis for the roof.

to Mounting the roof First of all, 6 large triangles with a base side length of 150 cm and a side length of 180 cm are sawn out of the chipboard. Precision is important here so that there are no gaps between the individual plates later on. The tightness of the roof and the stability of the construction depend on it.

Wood protection by glaze or varnish

Finally, the construction should be protected with wood preservative paint from the weather. In order to do this, it is advisable to apply the self-made pavilion either with a wood preservative varnish or with a permanent varnish to make the wooden pavilion the center of your garden.

In any case, one must primer be performed. For this purpose, there are in the trade special primer coat, which must be matched to the paint usually. According to the photo is one Paint in white paint provided, Of course, you can also paint the wooden pavilion in green, blue or red, depending on your personal taste and the choice of colors.

The paint should always be applied with a roller so that the paint is evenly distributed. It should also be noted that during processing neither direct sunlight nor precipitation should come, as both negatively affect the Lackierergebnis.

Depending on the color and wood texture, it may be necessary to Main painting twiceto achieve satisfactory saturation. In this case, the pavilion should dry well overnight before applying the second coat the next day.

After the Paint thoroughly dried is, the wooden pavilion is usable. We wish you a wonderful summer!

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