Garden gnomes

The Garden Gnome is much more than a simple garden decoration. The dwarf has always accompanied man. As a legendary figure, he represents a human-like and short-lived creature that lives under mountains and rocks and is characterized by great earthiness. It is not surprising that at some point the "garden gnome" was brought into being. Mostly the garden gnome is presented as a helping hand, which contributes with a shovel or a wheelbarrow its essential part for garden maintenance and garden design.

But there are other appearances of these initially peaceful garden figures, who have often provided for one or the other dispute on the garden fence. Learn more in our short, informative overview.

Garden gnomes as garden decoration

A small overview: garden gnomes

  • Set up garden gnomes - but how?
  • The story of the garden gnome
  • Popular garden figure: The garden gnome as a garden decoration
  • Extreme forms of garden gnome
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Set up garden gnomes - but how?

There are no rules for setting up garden gnomes as garden decorations, not even for the number of dwarves you need to fulfill a certain design goal. It does not exist that way, but you can certainly imagine that too few garden dwarfs might seem a bit lost, while overpopulation would also be discouraged.

Decide for yourself which garden dwarf fits in your garden and how many it should be. The important thing is: if you put them up, then show them too. Do not hide your garden gnomes because there is no reason to do so.

The story of the garden gnome

The garden gnome around 1720

stone figure garden gnome

The Garden Gnome as a garden decoration goes back to the Baroque period. While today's garden gnomes are mostly made of plastic and plastic, they were formed in the early days of their existence from fired clay or sandstone. Even garden gnomes of marble have been found. In the 18th century, a well-known company from Meissen also made garden gnomes out of porcelain, which were then used in the gardens of the nobility.

When the garden gnome was exhibited for the first time at the Leipzig Trade Fair, however, it had long been an international success: since 1800, the first dwarves were produced in England.

The classic form of these garden figures, as we know them today as ancient miners or even gardeners with lantern, pickaxe, beard and especially with their pointed, red hats, has been around since the mid-19th century. To this day, this form has the most persistent, even if she had to serve for all sorts of variations.

If you buy garden gnomes as garden decorations, you will always find funny figures in your garden, who will always make you happy. Because of their colorful design, garden gnomes are immediately noticed, even if they are very small and like to be positioned between flowers, plants and shrubs. Garden gnomes are usually between 20 and 70 inches tall. Certainly, they also come in smaller variants, depending on where you want to set them up. Some manufacturers also specialize in garden dwarves, which can be used for the decoration of interiors. But generally, the garden gnome is something that belongs in the garden. It creates sociability, and if you put up garden gnomes, which may even be equipped with wheelbarrows, picks and shovels, then they could possibly also have a positive effect on your motivation for gardening.

Very decorative: Whether big...


... or small or with...


... modern airbrush cheeks


Extreme forms of garden gnome

Naughty Badger Dwarven Figure: There are even court judgments about the little garden git

garden gnome garden decoration

There is a phenomenon that even the garden gnome is not spared: the harmless and dapper a thing works, the more it runs the risk of being abused for excessive radicalization in order to attract attention or even to produce a shock effect. To attack the image of the petty-bourgeois garden atmosphere that the garden gnome had worked hard to develop over the centuries, garden gnome designs have been circulating since about 1990, which are really not for the faint hearted. For example, there are now some very provocative garden figures who, for example, briskly bare their buttocks or show the viewer the middle finger in a cheeky manner. Since these garden gnomes have already torn several neighborhood dispute from the garden fence, there are now court judgments that prohibit the setting up of such garden figures, if neighbors or other people feel sensitively annoyed by this or the residents do not want to sink below a certain moral level. So if you're thinking about setting up such garden gnomes, then you might want to talk to one or the other neighbor about it and pay close attention to whether your new garden decoration is really nice to him.

If you like fancy garden gnomes, then it does not always have to go below the belt or murder and manslaughter. Garden gnomes are also available as cartoons known politicians or as a friendly rocker band imitation.

Did you know, that…

... there are almost 1/3 as many garden gnomes in Germany as Germans? (Source:

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