Grill description: Grill made of gabions with natural stones - blueprint

Build a barbecue in the garden - without walls!

Grill description: Grill made of gabions with natural stones - blueprint: made

A highlight for barbecue fans is a fixed barbecue area in the garden. He saves the annoying clearing in cellar or garage.

It does not always have to be a ready-made grill kit from the hardware store: with a bit of imagination, you can also build an impressive barbecue area for the garden from a simple built-in barbecue grill or a fire bowl. For example, here we show how a decorative garden fireplace can be built using natural stones and gabions (wire baskets) from Betafence. This is easy and fast - and wall is not necessary.

Material list for the gabion grill

Fence manufacturer and wire processor Betafence offers the suitable wire baskets: They are in home improvement stores as well as in the specialized trade for a price starting from 44 euro available. The high-quality wire boxes made of 3.5 mm thick steel wire coated with zinc aluminum are available in two different volume sizes: 50 cm x 50 cm x 50 cm and 100 cm x 50 cm x 50 cm. They are quick and easy to install and can be flexibly filled with different stone material or earth.

Grill-building instructions

Grill description: Grill made of gabions with natural stones - blueprint: gabions

Step 4 + 5: Fixing with tension anchors

Grill description: Grill made of gabions with natural stones - blueprint: made

Step 5: Placing the second gabions.

Thus, a fine natural stone barbecue area for the garden is assembled with finished gabions.

And so you build the grill Gabions *:

  1. you need two 100 x 50 x 50 centimeter Betafence gabions and for joining the wire mesh as well galvanized wire (Diameter: 1 mm).
  2. Mount the gabions according to the instructions, but instead of using the attached spirals, use the galvanized wire and turn short pieces of wire tightly together at the individual connection points.
  3. Then measure the recesses required by the grill to be installed (The dimensions vary depending on the grill model used). The corresponding parts with a Bolt cutter from the grid mat cut out and then re-attach with wire as floor and side panels.
  4. Align the first redesigned gabion exactly horizontally at the intended place and fill it with large stones, for example with Basaltlavasteinen. Layer the stones as tightly as possible and avoid large cavities. For stabilization, use the attached tension anchors.
  5. Align the second gabion, place it on the bottom, connect both parts firmly with wires and fill with the remaining stones. Insert again the tension anchor.
  6. For example, you can now use a fire bowl at the bottom and mount a mounting groove at the top, which is attached to the gabion with pieces of wire.

BBQ party with the gabion grill

The presented construction manual is a creative application of the Betafence gabions; The materials required for this are not available as a finished kit or complete package from Betafence.

Because: what would a summer be without a barbecue? Laue nights, sitting together with friends, trying out the best recipes for the treats from the grate - that's what makes the gabion grill wonderful.

What are gabions?

Grill description: Grill made of gabions with natural stones - blueprint: grill

Use of gabions for garden design (Photo: Betafence)

Gabions are stone-filled wire boxes for landscaping.

They are suitable for decorative gardening and landscaping, for example as Slope protection, slope attachment, blinds or property boundary, Depending on the requirements, they can be placed next to each other or on top of each other and offer the possibility of a redesign at any time. For handling the already pre-assembled Betafence gabions No special knowledge in horticulture is required.

The sturdy wire boxes consist of one 3.5 millimeters thick with Zincalu (95 percent zinc, 5 percent aluminum) coated steel wire and have a mesh size of 10 x 10 centimeters, They are available in two different volume sizes (50 x 50 x 50 and 100 x 50 x 50 centimeters). They are folded flat for transport and storage. Since Betafence has already pre-assembled the boxes, they can be set up in a few simple steps. Only six of the twelve edges still need to be attached with spirals.

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