Building garden helper yourself

Building garden helper yourself: yourself

material list

  • OSB board, 18 mm:
    • Side parts: 1,000 x 550 mm, 2 pieces (1)
    • Top shelf: 480 x 230 mm, 1 piece (2)
    • Shelf center: 480 x 315 mm, 1 piece (5)
    • Shelf bottom: 480 x 500 mm, 1 piece (8)
  • Roof battens, planed, 18 x 36 mm:
    • Upstand upper shelf: 480 mm, 2 pieces (3)
    • Upstand upper shelf: 194 mm, 2 pieces (4)
    • Classification: 70 mm, 5 pieces (11)
  • Smooth edge boards, 19 x 74 mm:
    • Upstand middle floor: 480 mm, 2 pieces (6)
    • Upstand middle floor: 277 mm, 2 pieces (7)
    • Cross strut: 480 mm, 1 piece (10)
  • Round bar beech, ø = 20 mm:
    • Handle bar: 500 mm, 1 piece (12)
    • Classification: 70 mm, 5 pieces (9)
    • Axle with end caps, ø = 12 mm, 600 mm, 1 piece
    • Wheels, ø = 152 mm, 2 pieces
    • Spacers suitable for the axle, 2 pieces
    • Phillips screws, 4 x 40 mm, 62 pieces
    • Phillips screws, 4 x 30 mm, 10 pieces
    • Wood stain, dark green, 750 ml
    • Wood stain, walnut, 375 ml

tool list

  • scissors
  • pricker
  • pencil
  • ruler
  • Cordless Screwdriver
  • jigsaw
  • Schleifkork
  • 180-grit sandpaper
  • hacksaw
  • sinker
  • Forstner drill ø = 20 mm
  • Wood drill 5 and
  • 13 mm, brush

Professional tip

When screwing two pieces of wood, the piece of wood that you first screw through must always be pre-drilled! For a flush surface, all screw heads should be sunk.

Step 1:

Have the required parts cut to size in the toom BauMarkt. Transfer the contours and the Positions of the drill holes from the template on the side parts (1).

Just cut out the template and use one Pointed drill the holes and vertices pierce the shelves. Drill the holes as indicated on the template and saw out the contours with the jigsaw.

Building garden helper yourself: helper

drill holes

2nd step: prepare material

Now drill with a 20 mm Forstner drill 12 mm deep holes for the round bars (12) in the center of one of the cross braces (6) (beat them only after glazing).

Now saw off the Roof batten 5 pieces (11) with a length of 70 mm and drill die strut (10) for later attachment in front. Now screw the two frames (3 + 4 and 6 + 7) for the shelves. Only screw in the floors (2 + 5) after glazing.

Round now Sand all edges with 180 grit paper and sand Smooth all surfaces. Now all parts except for the round bars can be primed with Genius PRO Glaze. After drying apply the glaze a second time.

Building garden helper yourself: yourself

Prepare material

Building garden helper yourself: pieces

Prepare the skeleton

Building garden helper yourself: helper

Attach wheels

Step 3: Assemble the basic framework

Lengthen the rods for the Handle bar (12) and for the tool holder (9) with a fine saw and round off the edges.

After drying, carefully insert the short round rods into the cross brace (6). So that the board does not burst in the middle, you grind the Round rods with 180-grit paper, if necessary so that they fit well in the holes.

Then screw the frames of the shelves to the floors (2 with 3 + 4 and 5 with 6 + 7) and the cross brace (10) with the 70 mm long strips (11).

Building garden helper yourself: helper

Assemble the basic framework

4th step: finish Caddy

Now you can screw all parts together as shown in the drawing.

Last, push one Standoff and a wheel on the axle and hit the end cap with the hammer on. Insert the axle through the holes.

Now draw on the other side the same distance, as on the side with the wheel, on. Now saw off with an iron saw. Now you can fix the other wheel with the spacer sleeve.

Attention! Check the length beforehand, because the end caps can not be loosened after being hit!

Building garden helper yourself: pieces

Finish Caddy

Building garden helper yourself: helper

Courtesy of toom

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