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Since 2002, the Münster-based company Gartenhaus GmbH has been offering homeowners and garden owners an extensive range of high-quality garden sheds - thanks to direct sales without intermediaries - at extremely attractive conditions. This made the company one of the largest mail order companies in the field of garden and equipment sheds.

Garden house GmbH - Online Shop im: gmbh

But it is far from over. The change from a pure online mail-order retailer to a retailer with exhibition and sales space on site took place in 2010 with a large garden exhibition in southern Germany. The exhibition in Münchsmünster near Ingolstadt is to be followed by another one in Austria in the spring of 2014.

The attractive price-performance ratio is certainly one reason why the company is so successful. But what else does the online store have to offer? - Let's find out.

test criteria
In order to come to a comprehensive and fair judgment, we will take a closer look at the following aspects of the online shop in this test. Each criterion can receive up to 5 stars. The overall judgment results from the results of the individual categories, which, however, are weighted differently:

Website and Navigation (Factor 2)
Assortment and prices (factor 3)
Product search and presentation (factor 3)
Purchasing, shipping and payment methods (factor 2)
Service (factor 2)
Social media and mobile devices (Factor 1)

Website and navigation

The magic word is user-friendliness. In the online shop test, it is important to us that hand-handling be intuitive and the assortment logically presented. We are also interested in the question of how trustworthy the site appears. Are there customer reviews or even approved test seals?

Garden house GmbH - Online Shop im: house

Under the address we find the online shop of Gartenhaus GmbH. The optical design of the green-white website is particularly successful, as the page structure and navigation are characterized by great clarity and precision. Under the header you will quickly find the necessary links to the home page, customer account, shopping cart and cash register. The area under the navigation area is divided into three vertical stripes. The clear structure gives a serious and modern impression.

On the left you will find at a glance the assortment categories, a product search, worthwhile offers and information on payment and shipping costs in the form of easy-to-understand icons. Further links to assembly instructions, customer opinions, delivery, shipping and payment terms as well as information on the company and the terms and conditions, assembly service, imprint, privacy and contact complete the column.

The right side has the functions Shopping cart and Customer login as well as information about customer service and garden exhibitions. A personal reference to the company can be expressed with the help of social media buttons. If you are not sure if you should trust this online store, you will find that the column concludes with references to the very good customer ratings at Trusted Shops (4.55 out of 5 stars) and the use of SSL encryption for all entered data. In addition, you can also look in the left navigation page, the menu item customer images / reviews. There you will find many illustrated reports from satisfied customers.

At the heart of the homepage are the 18 illustrated, tile-like assortment categories in the middle of the website, divided into wall thicknesses, shapes and styles. They correspond to the assortment offer in the left side navigation. No matter which navigation you choose, you can quickly and easily navigate to the product of your dreams thanks to the logically structured assortment categories. Whether garden house, wooden garage or sauna, you will always find something quickly. The article overview for each individual category is also clearly structured. Each product is presented as a "tile" that displays a picture, external dimensions, price and estimated delivery time for the product. So you can get over it, that unfortunately there is no sorting function.

If you need more information or help, you will find a menu item for the service area. Since 2012, even more detailed information on all models of garden sheds is available. Links to particularly popular or interesting topics or assortment categories can also be found in the footer of the website.

For website and navigation we award
4 out of 5 stars

Assortment and prices

A successful purchase depends essentially on the size of the range and the pricing. Therefore, we want to learn something about the breadth and depth of the range as well as the price-performance ratio. Are there perhaps exclusive offers or models at Gartenhaus GmbH? And in what way are cheap prices for the customer possible?

Garden house GmbH - Online Shop im: garden

The Garden House GmbH specializes in garden houses and can thus offer a much larger selection than is possible for a conventional stationary hardware store. Whether 5-corner garden sheds or garden sheds with terrace, whether more rustic or modern - the number of available variants is very extensive. Some of the models are also offered exclusively in this online shop, as they come from the in-house production of Gartenhaus GmbH.

Among the 462 articles in the online shop are not only garden houses in the strict sense, but also garden pavilions, sheds, barbecue pavilions and Grillkotas, patio roofing, saunas, wood garages, weekend cabins and log cabins and accessories in various forms and designs. For the garden sheds there are cultivation sheds and towed roofs, for the saunas LED colored light, sound systems, sauna stoves and much more.

All items are produced by renowned quality manufacturers using state-of-the-art computer-controlled machines. Now you could expect that quality has its price, but the prices are usually well below the recommended retail price of the manufacturer. This is possible on the one hand by the own production of some articles, on the other hand is waived by direct selling on intermediaries. Fortunately, the savings are passed on to its customers.

Of favorable additional articles, such as Sauna fragrance, up to the log cabin offers the online shop of Gartenhaus GmbH overall a convincing price-performance ratio. If you are looking for a high-quality product on favorable terms, you will certainly find it here.

For assortment and prices we assign
4.5 out of 5 stars

Product search and presentation

If you do not immediately find the right products via the navigation, you will not visit an online shop again - let alone buy something. We therefore want to find out whether a sought-after product can be found in a short time and how informative the textual and pictorial representation is.

Garden house GmbH - Online Shop im: shop

If you do not want to use the given assortment navigation, you will find below the assortment categories the slightly inconspicuous product search, which fortunately is also offered as an extended search. There, in addition to the full-text search, the assortment category, the manufacturer and the price range can be entered to narrow down the search.

The search hits are displayed according to the well-known tiling pattern, so that you immediately have the picture, external dimensions, price and delivery time available for each product. If you are interested in a particular model, you can directly access a detailed product presentation via the View button.

On the left side there are two tabs with product images: The detailed product images are a proof of the customer orientation of the online shop, the photos submitted by customers can be understood as proof of customer satisfaction. Among the pictures, even 360-degree views are available for most items. This makes decision-making much easier. This also contributes to the detailed item description. All dimensions and the individual items of the delivery are clearly listed.

On the right side of the product presentation you will learn everything important about price, delivery time and suitable accessories. With just a few clicks, this can be bought easily. If you still can not decide, you will find advice in the customer reviews at the end of the product page.

We like the detailed product search and the informative product presentations very well - only the missing sorting function spoils this positive impression a little.

For product search and presentation we therefore award
4 out of 5 stars

Purchase, shipping and payment methods

In our online shop test we are interested in how comfortable shopping is. How easy and fast does the order processing work? Are shipping costs and duration acceptable? Are there enough payment options available?

Garden house GmbH - Online Shop im: shop

When adding an item to the shopping cart, a small window is placed over the product page that is currently open, where you can - if you wish - go directly to the cash register. This is very pleasant because you can just continue shopping at the same place. The shopping cart on the start page clearly lists the selected products and the total amount of the purchase including VAT.

All over Germany the shipping costs are only 69,00 € - no matter how big the delivery is. The delivery time varies between 10 and 30 days depending on the purchased model and is displayed separately for each product. So you always know how long you have to wait for his garden house or his Grillkota.

The order processing is comfortable and fast. When going to checkout, only the shipping information needs to be checked, the method of payment determined and the purchase confirmed. The possible payment methods are extensive: You can choose between cash on delivery (plus 3% cash on delivery fee), Paypal, invoice with BillSAFE (value of goods up to 5.000,00 €) and advance payment by bank transfer. Anyone who chooses the latter can look forward to a two percent discount.

Up to five address book entries are available to each customer in the customer account. These can be easily changed here as well as account data and password. An overview provides information about the previous orders, a list of the most recently viewed items makes it easier to find them again. This makes it easy to handle that there is no classic notepad. Overall, shopping is very easy and comfortable.

For purchase, shipping and payment methods we assign
4 out of 5 stars


Assortment and prices are of course very important when deciding on a purchase. But also a good service is not to be underestimated. Anyone who feels taken seriously as a customer, is more willing to buy back at a company. Therefore, we are interested in this test which service offers the Gartenhaus GmbH has for its customers.

Garden house GmbH - Online Shop im: shop

With the aid of the assembly instructions in the left-hand side navigation, anyone can easily build their garden shed by themselves. The manual provides important information about building with a prefabricated kit, laying a foundation and finally building a garden shed. If you are interested in a garden house, you should definitely deal with the necessary prerequisites.

All necessary product information about a product is in the item description: Model, pictures, material, dimensions, scope of delivery, delivery time etc. Who needs more advice, can easily contact the customer service via the information service in the right navigation page. He replies - by personal request - by e-mail or with a free callback.

The delivery by a forwarding company takes place up to the curbside. But there, the service does not end long: Who does not want to mount his garden house itself, because he does not have the craftsmanship know-how or the necessary time, can use the garden shed assembly service. Simply contact us via the menu item of the same name in the left-hand side navigation. Again, you can choose between a reply by e-mail or a free callback. - That is practical.

Overall, the service is very convincing - especially the complete all-round service from delivery to assembly. We recommend the addition of a FAQ section, in which all frequently asked questions about purchasing are answered in a bundled form. Even a live chat would be a good addition to the service offering.

We award for the service
4.5 out of 5 stars

Social media and mobile devices

A modern company that recognizes the signs of the times will no longer want to do without social media and sales via mobile devices. How committed is Gartenhaus GmbH in this regard? How well does the company communicate with its customers?

Garden house GmbH - Online Shop im: gmbh

Gartenhaus GmbH relies on two channels: Facebook and Google+. Since 2011, not only tips on individual products from the online shop are given on Facebook, but also great tips on topics around the garden presented. In only two years, the base of the fans has grown to more than 5600 - and daily there are more. Since 2011 Gartenhaus GmbH is also represented on Google+.

The company's latest coup is the app "A-Z Gartenhaus GmbH", which has been available since 2013 for the iPhone and the iPad. A clear sign for a timely use of all important channels and technologies for communication with customers.

We just lack the ability to share individual article descriptions in the social media channels. Fans can show their enthusiasm for a very special garden house.

Our rating for social media and mobile devices:
4 out of 5 stars

overall rating
The Gartenhaus GmbH offers in their online shop not only garden houses, but also garden pavilions, barbecue kotas, saunas, wood garages, weekend and log cabins and much more at extremely favorable conditions. - Direct sales and own production thank you. But not only assortment and prices are convincing. The all-round service for purchase, delivery and installation as well as the clear, well-structured online shop are also good selling points. Expertise and customer orientation are also reflected on the Facebook page. If you want you can also access the shop via iPhone app. The online store of Gartenhaus GmbH is certainly one of the best online shops in this area.

Our overall verdict:
4.2 out of 5 stars

This test was conducted in October 2013.

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