Select garden house kit

Select garden house kit: house

If you look at the offers in the trade, you quickly realize that there are big differences both in price, but also in terms of quality the wooden garden houses are. In this article, the choice fell on a garden shed by Joda, a long-established company from the northern German Daldorf. The wooden houses are made of solid, Nordic spruce, whereby the complete kits are made in traditional craftsmanship.

Quality and warranty promise guarantee the client the greatest security: Last but not least, a five-year warranty on material and construction is a purchase criterion. The purchase from a brand manufacturer also guarantees the accuracy of fit of the parts and a consistently high quality of workmanship. Special value should be placed as a customer on a high quality and environmentally friendly wood protection of the parts. Pressure impregnated wood is preserved in an environmentally friendly way and offers long stability.

Quality and safety - only buy from a professional!

In addition to the quality plays of course, the look of the garden shed a big role. If you do not want a "normal", boring garden house, but something special, you can choose as in this case the garden house "Nautic". This garden house not only looks modern, but also sets maritime accents with its portholes and the colorful livery.

Select garden house kit: house

Select garden house kit: house

Cutting the modern garden house

You can choose from three garden house kit sizes with a floor area between 3.5 and 9 square meters. Here, the decision was made for the "Nautic 30/30" with a floor area of ​​9.11 square meters, a ridge height of 2.76 meters and a volume of 21.44 cubic meters.

In the natural tone The garden house kit costs 2,499 euros, finished in lemon yellow, Sweden red, moss green or pure white add another 500 euros.

Select garden house kit: select

The portholes in the doors give the special whistle. The color combination of the house delivered in nature was an idea of ​​the builders.

Select garden house kit: house

Everything was easy, Linus seems to say. A strip of gravel around the house looks good and makes rainwater easier to drain.

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