Garden in winter

Pending gardening in winter

The peaceful snow cover that now covers the countryside and nature is deceptive: there is a lot to do for the garden in winter. Perennials, evergreens and, above all, proper care are now important aspects of gardening.

Garden in winter

Read now what is there for you to do in a typical winter garden and why your commitment is already important, so you can enjoy the beautiful garden in the following year. And of course there is a lot to reap in your garden in winter as well.

Kitchen garden in winter

  • The beginning of winter you can use for a soil test
  • If necessary, the soil should be chalked
  • Dig up the vegetable patch
  • Plant roots with bare bushes and fruit trees
  • Harvest apple varieties later
  • Dig leeks and parsnips
  • Let the rhubarb drift
  • In the midwinter Beans can be sown in the cold frame
  • in the late winter The last digging jobs should be done
  • When digging, add fertilizer and compost if necessary
  • Sow broad beans in the cold frame
  • Create trenches for runner beans and celery
  • Germinate seed potatoes from early varieties
  • Plant new fruit trees
  • Mulching existing fruit trees and shrubs with compost or manure
  • For harvesting early, strawberries provided with cold frame covers

Flower garden in winter

  • At the beginning of winter Check stored bulbs and tubers
  • Dispose of garden waste
  • Lawn mower waiting
  • Plant roots bare shrubs and trees
  • Check sensitive plants in the field
  • Take root and wood cuttings
  • Install pond heater (for shallow ponds)
  • Remove foliage from rock garden plants
  • Protect rock garden plants from moisture
  • Protect flowers of delicate winter plants
  • In the midwinter In heavy snowfalls hedges and shrubs should be freed from the snow load
  • Under certain circumstances, the cold frame must be additionally isolated
  • in the late winter Plant climbing plants
  • Fertilize and mulch beds
  • Peas, which were planted in the autumn go out
  • Clean up the rock garden and place new stones
  • If the ground is not frozen, lay new lawn

The greenhouse in the winter

  • From the beginning of winter weekly check the plants in the greenhouse and remove any withered parts of the plant before they rot
  • Ventilate the greenhouse on warm winter days to prevent the spread of disease
  • With the exception of winter bloomers, gradually add less water
  • Gutters agree
  • Clean glass panes to allow more light to enter the greenhouse
  • In the midwinter Pull off offspring of winter chrysanthemums
  • Sow the first seeds in the indoor greenhouse
  • in the late winter Take chrysanthemum cuttings and repot older chrysanthemums
  • Take dahlia scraps

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