Paint garden lamp

Metal protective lacquer (eg from Hammerite) is the brilliant solution for all metals. It acts as a rust protection and paint at the same time and can even be applied directly to rust. The annoying painstaking grate grinding to the bare metal is eliminated. Now you can Do a lot of metalworking work in a minimum amount of time. And in many attractive colors. You will experience it - so that metal protection is simply brilliantly solved! Beautify and protect at the same time - and without much time! Despite heat and frost - metals remain beautiful and perfectly protected.

Paint garden lamp - preparation

Paint garden lamp: paint

Non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, zinc, steel, brass and copper can also be painted with metal protective varnish. Clean surface with scouring pad and metal cleaner and degrease. Careful cleaning is important for good paint adhesion.

Garden lamp varnish- primer

Paint garden lamp: paint

Prime with special primer and let dry for 2 hours.

Garden lamps paint

Paint garden lamp: metal

Apply metal protective lacquer in the color of your choice...

Paint garden lamp: paint

... or use metal protective paint spray. Cover the background well with foil.

Source: Dulux / Hammerite

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