Garden lighting, patio lighting and path lighting

Bring light into the garden with lights

Garden lighting, patio lighting and path lighting: lighting

You sit comfortably in your garden or on your terrace, watching the sunset and then it gets dark. Wherever you sit, you just do not see anything anymore, besides it gets too cold and the little tealight on the table is not enough anymore.

Therefore, you prefer to retire to your house, although you still want to enjoy the balmy summer evening, chat with friends and extend the barbecue. But you simply do not have the necessary light for that.

Change this problem situation simply with a targeted garden lighting and set accents in the most beautiful places in your garden.

In addition, light the garden path to get for a increased security in the dark.

Variety of garden lighting

You have the choice between an incredible number of variants, with which you can beautify your garden. So you can use the light as entrance lighting, house number light, path and staircase, security, terrace, balcony, garden and pond lighting. There are no limits to your imagination here

In general, all lighting elements are used for garden lighting, which are used to illuminate paths, terraces or sitting areas. But also water features, figures or trees can be equipped with lighting and thus set in a targeted manner.

In principle, you are there three techniques available to realize your lighting design: electricity connected with halogen or LED lamps, solar lights or kerosene-powered lights.

Luminaires for outdoor use: waterproof, dustproof, splashproof

Garden lighting, patio lighting and path lighting: light

Colorful accents of light bring dark gardens to life.

No matter which variant you choose, the following applies to all lamps: They must be dustproof, splash and waterproof. Whether a lamp meets these requirements for outdoor use, you can see the so-called IP signs.

The IP sign is explained as follows: The degree of protection is based on DIN EN 60529, which is composed of the abbreviation IP and an internationally standardized and mostly two-digit number. The first number indicates the degree of protection against foreign bodies and touch, while the second number indicates whether a device may be used in a humid environment.

A third and fourth digit are possible for further information, but not necessary and also unusual. An outdoor lamp should therefore be at least IP 43, better yet IP 44 and also TÜV-tested his. If you want to attach a lamp in your garden pond, the lamp should even be rated IP 68, to ensure that the lamp remains waterproof even when permanently immersed.

Mounting the lighting

Garden lighting, patio lighting and path lighting: lighting

Simple floor lamps bring light into the darkness and thus provide more security.

No matter where the lamp is mounted - it should always be directed downwards or as close as possible to the viewing direction, not to blind anyone. If you choose "normal" bulbs as the fluorescent material, energy-saving and compact fluorescent lamps, halogen lamps or metal halide lamps are best suited. In order to operate you need electricity and thus a power cable. The power cable should be at least 60 cm deep in the ground, so that it is protected against spade cuts and especially in autumn and winter from wind, weather and frost. And if you are not one yourself, you should always have the light installation performed by a specialist, ie an electrician. Exact planning is mandatory! If you do not have a floor plan, you should best measure the garden and, based on the plan thus created, think about which luminaires should and should be beneficial. This planning later helps not only the professional, but also you, so that you can think carefully about what you want, what suits the garden and what you like in the long run.

tip: In the case of light is less sometimes much more. Unless there is a way, this should always be particularly well lit to avoid danger. In your ideas regarding the garden design you will not be slowed down (as yet), because there are no binding standards for the private installation of lighting elements in the private garden.

Solar lights for indoor and outdoor use

Garden lighting, patio lighting and path lighting: garden

Solar lights can also be installed on the windowsill.

In addition to the above-mentioned halogen lamps and other models, you can also opt for solar lights. The advantages of solar lights start at their comparatively low price. Furthermore, solar lights do not require power because an integrated battery stores the energy generated by the sunshine to emit in the dark, causing the solar light shines.

Note, however, that solar lights do not comply with the duty of care and they are not suitable to illuminate a public path. The energy is usually not enough to run the solar light all night. Solar lights are therefore more than decorative elements for private use.

LED garden lighting

Another alternative of garden lighting are LED lamps. They are extremely durable, consume little power and attract far fewer insects than conventional halogen bulbs. However, LED bulbs are also slightly more expensive to purchase than other bulbs. Because they can be embedded in the ground in the form of paving stones, LED lamps are particularly well suited for path lighting.

Floor lamps and bollard light as garden lighting

Garden lighting, patio lighting and path lighting: garden

A garden lantern illuminates the entrance area of ​​the driveway.

Floor lamps are perhaps more familiar from the inside, e.g. the living room, in which a floor lamp on the one hand consists of an uplight and on the other hand of a small reading light. Floor lamps for outdoor use do not consist of two lamps and are not that high either. you will be rather also called pathway light.

Because they are movable, they can be placed where they are needed. you therefore operates them with batteries or kerosene.

A bollard light is very similar to floor lamps, although not exactly identical. Because while floor lamps are usually 1 meter high, bollard lights start at lower altitudes, e.g. at 40 inches. Because of their height they will gladly used for walkway lighting, also because they do not spread their light so far that immediately the whole garden is bathed in light.

You can use a bollard light beautiful accents on a path or on the Beetrand set up with several offset bollards a trellis along the path to be illuminated, which looks even more decorative.

Insider tip: Energy-saving lamp with light sensor

Special energy-saving lamps are suitable ideal for external use, because it turns on automatically in the dark and off in daylight. The built-in light sensors detect the daylight based on the spectral distribution. The lamp has an intelligent microprocessor technology and is therefore absolutely insensitive to stray light. It is therefore also very suitable for garden lighting. You will be kept informed in specialist shops.

Garden lighting as mosquito repellent

Garden lighting, patio lighting and path lighting: patio

With extraordinary fairy lights for outdoor you set beautiful light accents.

You have set up and connected your garden lighting and want to test it for the first time in the evening. Everything works and shines as you imagined. But soon you are tempted to turn off the lights again, because there are many mosquitoes buzzing around your lamps.

But better for the lamp than for yourself. Above all, you can stop the mosquito infestation by choosing a garden lighting that uses lamps with special color spectrums to attract the mosquitoes. At a touch the mosquitoes burn up.

It should be remembered, however, that other insects, such as e.g. nocturnal butterflies, attracted by this light. If you prefer to protect the insects, you must choose luminaires with low UV light content, because it is the UV light that attracts the insects. And if fewer insects are attracted to burn up on the wires, the lamp also needs to be cleaned less frequently.

Other possibilities of garden lighting

If garden lighting is not always just a matter of fixed bollards or path lighting, further variants offer you many other options for setting accents in the garden. Take advantage of a fairy lights, to beautify a tree all year round without it immediately looking like Christmas tree decorations.

Or use stone lights to place and send these individual lamps to your bed to highlight certain splendid specimens of your flowers by the right light. And if you call a pond your own, there is the possibility to bring the dark water to life with floating lights.

Garden motion detector

Garden lighting, patio lighting and path lighting: light

With motion detectors, you determine when the lamp should light up.

Used in the right places are Motion detector always recommended. It will scare off any burglar when suddenly in the garden of the victim at night the light comes on and there is a danger of being seen.

And if you're worried, because you're worried that the motion detector will turn on the garden lights every time you move, we can reassure you: Motion detectors can be adjusted so you only from certain sensitivities start. Although you have to run back and forth with a first or new installation of motion detectors and just try around to find the desired configuration, but worth the effort if not every mosquito triggers the light.

In addition, you can thereby adjust the motion detectors of the season, if the detector should trigger earlier in winter than in summer, because other lighting conditions prevail.

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