Garden path sure-footed and natural paving

If you want to pave a path in the garden, you are certainly pursuing all or at least several of the following goals. You do not want to have muddy shoes when you come back from their garden. Your garden path should not look like the runway at the airport. You want to design this path and embed it in the greenery. The garden path should emphasize the character of their garden. Surface sealing can impose high wastewater charges on you. Therefore, the garden path must also allow the infiltration of rainwater.
These are many arguments and you have at least as many options to create your own garden path.

The materials

Almost all plaster materials are suitable for creating a garden path. Decisive is the harmony to the other garden design. If, for example, you have already created a rock garden with granite slabs, this ambience is enhanced by a winding path made of the same material. The same is a katzenkopfpflaster.
Beautifully natural look not too wide paths with flamed pavers from.
If your footing is sure-footed, but barely visible, we recommend lawn pavers that are completely overgrown after one year at the latest.
Garden paths made of concrete paving are at least questionable in their view quality. Everyone should make the decision for themselves.

The substructure

A main path in your garden is often even more frequented than the house access. For this reason you will need a 40cm deep underbed made of compacted coarse gravel and fine split or paved sand. Narrow byways can be equipped with 20cm substructure to save costs. The danger of subsidence is thus present.

The relocation

The laying of the paving stones is almost the same as with other paving areas and this has already been described in other contributions. A garden path, however, almost always leads through green areas, so that the slope does not necessarily have to be one-sided. It takes a bit of practice paving, but a slightly curved path on both sides ensures that the rainwater does not run off one side and silt the Beetrand.
Even lawn pavers receive the same underbed. Their honeycombs are filled with a mixture of fine sand and topsoil, into which the special grass mixture is sown.

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