Rent a garden: These costs await you

A small garden with a gazebo, some fruits and vegetables and a place for grilling: this is the dream of many city dwellers. We inform you about the costs of an allotment garden, which are higher in the first year and then settle down.

These are the cost factors for the allotment garden

An allotment usually requires an annual lease. In addition, there is often a one-time administration fee for the mediation of the property. Many new owners of a small garden also complete an allotment garden insurance.

You probably still pay the previous owner of your allotment a certain price for the gazebo he has built. Other structures can also be used for a distance payment, depending on the local customs.

Further costs are due to you for the planting and management of the allotment garden. You will probably do most of the work yourself, but at least you will need plant seeds, garden tools, electricity and water.

Your own allotment: a cost example

A family leases an allotment on urban land. The annual lease is 400 EUR, the previous owner receives a distance payment of 1,000 EUR for the gazebo. We list the costs for the first year, then it will be cheaper.

Cost overviewprice
1. Management fee, once100 EUR
2nd lease per year400 EUR
3rd distance payment, once1,000 euros
4. Electricity and water per year480 EUR
5. first equipment for management600 EUR
6. Allotment insurance per month6 EUR
total2,586 EUR

How can I get my own allotment?

Contact the Association of German Garden Friends, which is also represented on the Internet. There you will be referred to a allotment garden association on site. You can also get information from your city administration.

Tips & Tricks

Remember that there are firm rules for the management of an allotment garden. Normally, one third of the area should be used to grow crops and serve another third of the recovery.

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