Garden pump comparison 2018

Purchase advice for garden pump comparison or test 2018

  • You do not need to use drinking water to water your garden. Garden pumps pump water from a groundwater well or other source of water such as a refilled rain barrel to sprinkler systems. This makes them very ecological and economical.
  • Dipping and dirty water pumps for draining via general irrigation pumps to powerful domestic waterworks: The variations of garden pumps are manifold.
  • Garden pumps create a flow through Unterduck, which transports the water from the source to its place of use. The best pumps can move the water through the garden at a constant high pressure.

Garden pump comparison 2018: comparison

Garden or garden owners know both the joy of their blossoming products as well the pain of struggling with overflowing watering cans and to spill half of the water on the way from the rain barrel to the flower.

Garden pumps easily do the job for you and transport water in no time to garden sprinklers. In our Garden pump comparison 2018 We will show you which characteristics are decisive for finding the right irrigation and drainage system for you.

  • For comparison of flexible garden hoses
  • For comparison, the lawn sprinkler

1. Ecological irrigation by garden pumps: water transport thanks to negative pressure

Garden pump comparison 2018: comparison

A garden pump test in your own garden looks so casual: Automatic shutdown on the garden pump prevents the unit from overheating by forcing the pump to pause.

Some things need pressure from below to run. It is different with the Water transport by means of garden pumps neither. Inside the pump is an electrically operated Rad, which generates a negative pressure by its rotary motionthat pulls the water inside the pump. A similar functional principle is also applied to the vacuum cleaner.

Because the water pump created by the strong suction a water flow, all garden pump types belong to the category of flow pumps.

Garden pumps can be subdivided into models designed for irrigating lawns and draining water bodies such as ponds. The applications of the water pumps for the garden can be outlined as follows:

  • Redistribution of water from rivers, water barrels or canisters
  • irrigation of gardens, filling of swimming pools
  • drainage from cellars, ponds and tons
  • water supply for high pressure cleaners

2. Overview of water pump types: Special models for watering and draining

Garden pumps are not only distinguishable by their design and the name of the brand. Depending on the favored category, the models should be characterized by differentiated specifics with regard to their maximum water flow or depth. While submersible pumps easily transport large volumes of water, the general garden pump is the comparative winner in terms of delivery depth.

Garden pumps Typecharacterization
Irrigation pump / well pump

Garden pump comparison 2018: pump

  • Allrounder for garden irrigation
  • Water extraction from wells with a depth of up to 9 meters
  • 1 to 2 sprinkler systems can be supplied with water
Water works

Garden pump comparison 2018: pumps

  • Depending on the size, it ensures the water supply of a bungalow or even a whole household without connection to the municipal water network
  • very practical for use in allotments
  • An electronic pressure switch on the house waterwork monitors the water pressure automatically
Dirty water pump

Garden pump comparison 2018: pumps

  • particularly suitable as a garden pond pump or for draining construction sites
  • very resistant water filter inside the pump
  • Mud and coarse dirt do not diminish functionality
submersible pump

Garden pump comparison 2018: pumps

  • move very large amount of water ( liter and more)
  • little water pressure is a use as a general garden pump in the way
  • efficient for the flooding of cellars and swimming pools
  • not suitable as a pond pump

3. Purchase criteria for garden pumps: You must pay attention to this

3.1. The delivery rate

Do not be impressed by high wattage. At most in relation to your electricity bill: The higher the wattage, the more power the device consumes during operation.

The best garden pump you do not recognize by their power consumption - 600 to 750 watts are usually sufficient. Rather, that tells youInterplay of delivery pressure, delivery head and delivery ratewhether the garden pump is suitable for your purposes.

The larger the delivery height and the delivery rate, the higher the wattage should be. With delivery heights of more than 30 meters, for example, a device that delivers more than 750 watts of power can be used.

3.2. The delivery pressure

Garden pump comparison 2018: garden

Gardena mobile garden pumps can also be easily connected with garden hoses by a click-plug.

Be aware of what you want to use your garden pump for. For drainage you can use a pump with a lower delivery pressure of 3.5 bar. For irrigation, a garden pump with a high delivery pressure of 4.5 bar is to be favored.
Based on the delivery pressure you can see how much the pump attracts the water and with what force she pumps it back through the garden hoses.
A garden pump with a delivery pressure of 4 bar presses as much on the water as the weight of 4 beverage cartons of milk on the area of ​​a 1-cent piece.

3.3. The delivery amount

Contrary to the first assumption, the head not only describes the mere distance that the water from the place of origin (for example, rain barrel or well bottom) has to travel to the pump.

The specified head refers only to the height surmountable by the pump, With the height of the water column also increases the (sub) pressure, which has a burden on the pump gear.

For example, to operate a sprinkler system, you would either have to have a particularly powerful pump or make sure that the pressure at the sprinkler system is high enough, e.g. by placing the pump raised high.

If, for example, you would like to supply a sprinkler with water that is 10 meters away from the pump and your groundwater well is 5 meters below the pump, your garden pump must have a minimum head of 15 meters.

Garden pump comparison 2018: pumps

3.4. The flow rate

How much water a garden pump can transport per hour can be read off at the specified delivery rate.

Garden pump comparison 2018: pump

For smaller gardens, a flow rate of 3,500 l / h is usually sufficient.

You can also draw conclusions about the power of the pump motor by the flow rate. At high power, more water can be transported in less time. For very good irrigation pumps, a maximum flow rate of 4,000 liters per hour is no longer a big challenge. 3,500 l / h is usually enough for a small garden and one to two lawn sprinklers. That is at least a moving oneWater quantity of 23 average bathtub fillings.

Submersible pumps are real powerhouses and even manage to move 7,000 liters and more. Many homeowners with basements have one Pump to counteract any damage caused by rising groundwater, Incidentally, this is not tax deductible as a special burden, Stiftung Warentest points out. Unfortunately, the foundation did not supply a garden pump test.

3.5. The overload protection

On hot summer days you will not be able to avoid watering your garden plants for several hours. Accordingly, your irrigation system must be able to work.

Overload protection is now standard equipment for garden pumps. The Pump shuts off automatically as soon as it gets too hot, Pay attention to the term thermo function, if you buy a garden pump.

3.6. The intake hose

Garden pump comparison 2018: pumps

Even a self-priming garden pump must be equipped with the right tubing.

An intake and exhaust hose is essential to operate a garden pump. Unfortunatelly it is most garden pumps have no additional hoses attached, However, you do not recognize a true garden pump test winner by its accessories.

Longevity and good values ​​in terms of flow rate, delivery head and delivery pressure are the decisive factors that we have also presented to you in our purchase advice.

The suction hoses can be purchased matching to the specified thread of your garden pump. The standard thread diameter is 1 inch.

4. Brands with experience in garden pump manufacturing

Does it always have to be a garden pump from Gardena? Other manufacturers also have expertise in producing garden pumps. Nevertheless, the company is extremely present when it comes to buying spare parts and accessories such as hoses and connectors. Even if your premise is to buy a cheap garden pump, Gardena products are usually also compatible with rain barrel pumps, well pumps, and commonly used water pumps from the following manufacturers:

  • Berlan
  • Einhell
  • Gardena
  • güde
  • Kärcher
  • Metabo
  • Rotenbach
  • T.I.P.
  • Wolfcraft

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