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  • There are two main secateurs: the bypass and the anvil models. The former are particularly suitable for trimming flowers, grasses and green plants and are also called rose scissors. The latter are recommended for coarser work with branches and shrubs.
  • When buying a secateurs is to be noted that there are garden shears for left-handers and right-handed. Alternatively, choose a pair of scissors designed for both hands and choose a suitable size for your hand.
  • With the right care and an underlying high-quality processing pruning shears become companions for many years. Important for this are both a cleaning after each use and a treatment with oil.

Secateurs comparison 2018: 2018

Experienced gardeners know: well, that's a good one secateurs his own name, because this garden tool is - in addition to lawn mower and Co. - one of the most basic devices that the Considerably simplify and shorten gardening can.

Do you not belong to the group of happy owners of a good secateurs? Then we recommend you to read about our pruning shears comparison 2018, which provides you with important information about the subject before purchasing.

You ask yourself, why such a Buyer's guide necessary is? Quite simple, only one really Good secateurs will remain fully functional for years And finding such a model is not always easy, as evidenced by a pruner test of the Stiftung Warentest from 2015.

The good news: We are happy to assist you in your search for your personal secateurs test winner.

1. Of secateurs and their function

Secateurs comparison 2018: 2018

A pruner facilitates trimming plants and shrubs in the garden or on the balcony or terrace.

A pruner works in principle like a commercial scissors. There is one Pruning shears are much stronger than a common pair of scissors, which means above all that you can work with the garden tools and very stable or thick clippings, such as.

  • Branches of shrubs and smaller trees
  • Parts of plants and flowers, such as leaves and shoots
  • Garden accessories, such as Bast and string

A secateurs is so versatile and not only in the garden. So it pays to buy a pair of secateurs also for people with a planted balcony or a leafy terrace. Especially in these areas are quite often green plants in pots or boxes, which should be trimmed or trimmed at regular intervals.

Here the Advantages and disadvantages of pruning shears at a glance:

  • cuts flowers, grasses and thinner branches
  • necessary for cutting little effort
  • Durable with good workmanship
  • ergonomic models with soft components protect the fingers
  • different scissors needed for plants of different thickness

It must in the pruning shears quite fundamentally between two types be differentiated. In particular, these are the bypass models compared to the anvil models.

Bypass PrunerAnvil Secateurs

Secateurs comparison 2018: comparison

Secateurs comparison 2018: 2018

A garden shear of the type "bypass" is characterized by two cutting (ie sharp) blades. These slide, as with a household scissors, by pressing the handles together close to each other, whereby a two-sided cut with a smooth and clean cut surface is achieved.

Bypass secateurs are often referred to as rose or grass shears.

A pruner of the category "anvil", however, can show only a cutting (so sharp) knife. The second side of the scissors is a broad and dull counter-plate ("hammer"), on which the cutting knife touches when pressing the handles together.

This results in a cut with a blunt and partially crushed cut surface. So here is more on a "Knips effect" set.

precise and clean cut surface
ideal for flowers, grasses and green plants
not suitable for branches or shrubs
ideal for branches and shrubs
little effort needed
no clean cut surface
Conclusion: If you would like to use your secateurs to work fine green plants and flowers in precision (roses, hydrangeas), a bypass pruner is recommended. If, on the other hand, you prefer to do coarser work (branches, shrubs), it is advisable to buy an anvil pruning shears. Savvy gardeners have both options at hand.

The hard choice of choice: Would you like to have it more comfortable and use only a pruning shears for everything? Then we advise you to buy a universal garden shears. To be fair, however, it should be noted that these models are only partially suitable for cutting thick branches and twigs.

3. Purchase advice: You should pay attention to this when buying a secateurs

3.1. Probably the most important question: Left or right-handed?

A pruning shears should always be selected according to the handedness of the operator to ensure maximum comfort. So a right-handed person should buy a model that is in the right hand, whereas a left-hander needs a model for the left hand.

One for all? If several people use the same pair of scissors, you should choose a model that is suitable for both left-handed and right-handed people.

3.2. Handles: size, width and softness

Secateurs comparison 2018: shears

A pruner with a handle that has soft components ensures a minimum of comfort.

With the handles of pruning shears or shrub shears, especially their length is relevant. Because the handle length provides a good indication of whether it is a pair of scissors model rather a secateurs for small hands or a secateurs for large hands.

As a rule of thumb, it can be assumed here: The longer the handle of the gardening tool fails, the greater the likelihood that the model of choice is suitable for larger hands. Summary: If you have big hands, buy a secateurs with long handles.

If your personal pruner compares to round (ie closed) grips, these should ideally be adjustable in width and size. Only then can these models be used by people with different sized hands.

The handles of a secateurs also decide how comfortable it is in the hand. One plus is the result of models from a pruning shear test, which come with ergonomic handles. These help to prevent spasm of the hand muscles and joints. An ergonomically shaped secateurs is generally recommended to all users and especially those who sometimes have a few shrubs to crop.

A pruning shears has a further advantage in terms of convenience if soft components, for example made of rubber, are attached to the gripping surfaces. Then the intensive use of secateurs really nothing in the way - also no bubbles on the fingers.

Secateurs size: Always buy a pair of secateurs in relation to the size of your hands. As a trend-setting indicator, the handle length can serve here. If you do not follow these instructions, you may be seriously injured, such as bruising.

3.3. Less is more, is not it? The weight issue

In principle, a secateurs or shrub shears should not be too light or too heavy. What initially sounds like a platitude, has a very serious background: If the scissors are too light, you can quickly slip off the clippings, which carries a risk of injury. On the other hand, if it is too heavy, its use becomes more and more strenuous as time progresses.

Therefore, the 2018 Garden Shear mainly includes models that offer a good compromise in the weight range - that is, neither too light nor too heavy. So you have every chance to find a pruning shears that is safe and solid in your hand at the same time.

3.4. The special features: juice groove and wire cutter

Saftrille is not the same as juice

So far, you probably only know one juice from your kitchen: that's what many people point out cutting boards a milled groove whose purpose is to prevent liquids such as meat juice from flowing off the board.

What is the juice groove on a secateurs, tells you the adjoining guide text.

The majority of garden tools come with features such as a juice groove and a wire cutter in the house. You do not know what that means? No problem, we'll tell you.

In the case of pruning shears, a juice groove is a milled notch in the metal, which ensures that plant juices leaving the clippings - this only happens if the clippings are very fresh or very young - flow away in a certain direction, namely away from hydraulic ones Parts, such as the shock absorber. Furthermore, a sticking of the cutting is prevented.

What a wire cutter can do is almost self-explanatory: it is a small device, which is quite sharp, with which you can cut wires, for example, commercially available flower wire, without the need for an extra tool. Pruning shears with wire cutters are therefore the ideal companion, if you often prune roses and the like and attach, for example, if they carry many flowers.

Secateurs comparison 2018: secateurs

3.5. safety lock

Not only the best secateurs or shrub shears can boast this standard - we are talking about a safety lock. This is in many cases a back and forth rotatable plate, which serves to lock the blades of the scissors when not in use.

This locking is only possible when the secateurs are closed, which means that the sharp knives are ultimately no longer exposed.

4. So your secateurs stay fit longer

Pruning shears are a useful tool for your home balcony or garden, even for years - always provided that the scissors have been processed to the highest quality and cared for correctly. But what does the best care for a secateurs look like? We would like to answer these questions and provide you with further tips:

  • Secateurs comparison 2018: secateurs

    A secateurs has a lot to do and should therefore be cleaned regularly. More about this can be found in the adjacent section of the text.

    cleaning: Clean the pruner after each use. It is best to use a damp cloth and remove coarse dirt and all the rest of the sap. Then thoroughly dry the scissors with a dry cloth.

  • Oil: If the pruning shears are completely dry, you can oil them; ideally with some tool oil. The oil protects the scissors in the long term from rust and maintains the smooth running of the scissors joint.
  • Sharpen: If a pruner becomes dull, it does not have to be in the trash. You can hone pruning shears. The "pruning shears" works in principle like a kitchen knife. In addition, there are already some manufacturers grindstone at. Drive this at an oblique angle over the blades of the secateurs until the blades are sharp again.
  • Repair: If the secateurs become stiff, it often helps to disassemble the specimen and, as described so far, to clean it and reassemble it afterwards. If you do not succeed, because some parts are actually broken, you can order garden shears spare parts from many manufacturers.
  • Disinfect: If you use a pair of scissors to treat a plant that is infected with a disease, such as mildew, you should disinfect the pruner. For this purpose, alcohol is recommended.

The following video shows how the revision of a pruner or shrub shear already badly damaged can take place:

5. Stiftung Warentest advises on well-known brands

Stiftung Warentest has examined garden shears in issue 07/2015 and was able to state the following:

  1. Lightweights: There are pruning shears, which are characterized by a particularly low weight, namely these are the Original Lion 14.104 or the Fiskars P43 or the P44The latter are also considered to be particularly energy-saving.
  2. Effectiveness: The models Original Lion 8.107 and Wolf Garden Comfort Plus RS 2500 are extremely energy-saving in use and at the same time have a very good cutting pattern.

No wonder then that the Original Lion 8.107 at Stiftung Warentest emerged as test winner from the exam. Second place is reached by the secateurs Gardena Comfort 8787.

6. Questions and answers around the topic pruning shears

6.1. Where can you buy a secateurs cheap?

A cheap secateurs you can especially on-line buy, for example, on Ebay or Amazon. Of course, you can also scissors for the garden in construction markets such. Obi or Bauhaus purchase. Experience has shown that you save money when buying online. By the way, you have to reckon with a premium pruner with a price of up to 40 Euro.

6.2. What makes a pruning shears different from pruning shears?

A pruning shears is - in short - used where a secateurs are no longer sufficient. If the branches of a shrub or shrub are too thick, you should rather use the pruning shears to protect the plant and spare your pruning shears. Pruning shears are also often extensible to cut off even higher branches. Extending the telescopic handles also increases the leverage you can create. This will allow you to separate even thicker branches.

6.3. Which secateurs are recommended?

If you want to buy a long-lasting secateurs is our recommendation quite clearly: grab the mark, You then have, for example, a choice between products from: Leo, Felco, Wolf, Gardena, Fiskars uwm.

6.4. Are there cordless garden shears or electric garden shears?

Yes, there are also secateurs with battery or electric pruning shears. If a pruner is operated electrically, it is usually a copy with cable. The range of action of these models is therefore limited. A cordless pruning shears, however, offers you full freedom of movement, but you depend on the battery life.

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