Secateurs are mechanical miracles in small format. They cut through branches, shrubs and smaller branches without much effort.

However, only with the right blade: the linchpin of a really Good secateurs are consistently sharp cutting edges - even after long and intensive use.

At a Shrub shears, especially the handling of hard woody plants is crucial, for example cutting back on shrubs.

We have tested six pruning shears for you and checked their possible usest. What are you doing best with? We'll show you.

Bypass garden shears, anvil garden shears: how does it work?

Pruning shears are today offered in basically two ways of working:

For one thing Bypass secateurs, as anvil garden shears. The former is the older design and works much like a normal household scissors: The branch is cut between the two blades; disadvantageous is the possibility of jamming hard branches.

The anvil pruner works on the principle of "wedge" and anvil: Here, the branch is split by the blade on a counter-plate and crushed. A disadvantage is, in particular in thick and tough-fiber branches, that the interface is "squeezed wide". There are no anvil scissors in our test.

The combination of Bypass and ratchet scissors (the Gardena model) offers similar advantages as a screw ratchet: Instead of having to cut the entire cutting path with wide-spread scissors, the scissors can "gnaw" through the branch in three steps. So larger cutting diameters are possible with less effort.

The last cry is the electrically operated bypass scissors; in our case, the Bosch Ciso. This presses together with an electric motor and an extreme reduction gear scissor halves. The disadvantage here is the rather small maximum cutting diameter; The advantage of practically effortless work is obvious.

Secateurs Test: The candidates and what they can

itemsprincipleMax. branch diameterprice
Fiskars PowerGearbypass18 mm24,25 €
Wolf Garden Comfort RR-Mbypassn / A.21,00 €
Gardena Smart CutBypass m. ratchet22 mm28,99 €
Felco scissors no. 2bypassn / A.35,68 €
Loewe 11104bypass25 mm38,35 €
Bosch CisoElectric bypass14 mm56,06 €

Secateurs Fiskars PowerGear: Power in the handle

Secateurs: branches

Innovation in Detail: The Fiskars PowerGear Pruning Shear's handle is designed to bring more ergonomics to cutting, the special Transmission mechanism promises 25 percent more power.

Big words that only partially apply in reality: in fact that is Roll handle a smart idea - but only for right-handed, In addition, you have to get used to the handling a bit.

With regard to the cutting performance is little to suspend: With the, in the other interchangeable, sharp blades and the really good gear cutting is a pleasure. In addition, Fiskars gives a five-year warranty - a real selling point.

Conclusion: Rolls, cuts, fits. Only not with left!

Fiskars PowerGear: pro and contra


  • ergonomic
  • very good cutting performance
  • innovative, but easy to get used to handle design
  • interchangeable blades
  • 5 years warranty


  • Not suitable for left-handers
  • slight tendency to pinch in the border area and in dry branches

Secateurs Wolf-Garten Comfort RR-M: Cutaway Wolf

Secateurs: secateurs

Good handling, good cutting performance, good price: The Wolf-Garten Comfort RR-M misses nothing - except one reliable indication of the maximum cutting diameter.

Up to 20 mm, but actually everything goes, even if then some "gnawing effort" is required. If someday he does not use anything anymore, they are Wear parts of scissors interchangeable.

To emphasize at the RR-M is that double-edged blade system with two sharpened blades, which in fact gives you a certain advantage over the competition in terms of cutting effort.

Neither bad is the broad, provided with a soft insert upper grip, Unfortunately, left-handers have little of it, but in principle you can use the pair of scissors.

Conclusion: Solid scissors without weaknesses.

Wolf Garden Comfort RR-M: pro and contra


  • cuts well
  • comparatively cheap
  • exchangeable wear parts
  • Two blade system
  • good grip


  • the lock is fiddly and not very safe

Razor Scissors Gardena Smart Cut: 3x ratchets, 1x cutting

Secateurs: shears

Smarter cutting: The Gardenda Smart Cut has one ratchet mechanismwhich makes cutting much easier, allowing even smaller hands a realistic way of cutting off thicker branches.

The ergonomic and lively design is well made and convinces with Smooth running and comfort in handling.

Especially for people who no longer have full hand strength, the Gardena under the manual pruning shears is a good choice. The Blades are neatly processed and sharp, the gearbox is stable and well graded.

Conclusion: Ratchets bring. Clear recommendation!

Gardena SmartCut ratchet scissors: pro and contra


  • well processed
  • practical ratchet system
  • smooth
  • also for older / restricted people well usable
  • good blades


  • -

Secateurs Felco No. 2: Simple and proven

Secateurs: shears

The proven professional device. For almost 30 years, the Felco No. 2 is without Knickknack and produced in consistent quality, He who buys these scissors will long have something of it; it is not for nothing that she is the first choice among professional gardeners.

Compared to the other offers, however, the amateur will be astonished in terms of operating force: for the precise and flawless cut the scissors delivers noticeably more effort than required by the competition.

This shows the age of the proven construction. This is also absolutely mature, No. 2 scissors with a Age 20 and over are not uncommon.

Conclusion: solid veteran. A purchase from which you have something for a long time.

Felco # 2: pro and contra


  • stable
  • very well made
  • durable
  • well adjustable


  • comparatively higher effort
  • hard handles

Loewe Bypass Scissors: Well Processed "Big Mouth"

Secateurs: contra

The Loewe bypass scissors can handle the largest branch diameter in the test: with 25 mm puts her competitors in the shade.

However, similar to the Felco scissors no. 2, the construction is not the most modern: The operating forces are just a bit higher. The Scissors are well made, captivates with exchangeable parts and sharp blades.

The price is about the same with their competition from Felco; she is therefore too rather than a long-lasting professional device to watch.

She does her job very well, the specified cutting depth is well achieved in fresh branches, Of course, the Loewe must capitulate to hard branches.

Conclusion: Solid, good quality.

Loewe 11 Bypass scissors: pro and contra


  • stable
  • exchangeable items
  • good blades
  • high cutting diameter


  • comparatively increased effort
  • most expensive manual scissors in the test

Electric pruner Bosch Ciso: gnawing with electricity

Secateurs: branches

In good old Bosch tradition, the Stuttgart now have the Pruning shears electrified - of course with lithium-ion battery.

The Bosch Ciso gnaws up to 18 mm with a powerful reduction gear - gardeners with little hand power or the desire to cut branches will be pleased. The Device lasts with a battery charge surprisingly long through and also does not surrender in the border area.

With a manual secateurs, however, you should still be faster: The Cutting movement is always fully pulled through mechanically, This takes a while. Who makes many small Stutz cuts, this will be able to understand the longer use of the Ciso.

In addition, so much high-tech has a certain weight: especially with gardeners big and tedious cutting needs that undoubtedly in the target audience the Bosch developers are, the e-shear is a bit difficult over time.

she is also quite voluminous, which filigree cutting work, e.g. on roses, a bit complicated, Nevertheless, the technical implementation is impeccable, the price is not too high. Respect!

Conclusion: For lazy gardeners with strong arms!

Bosch Ciso: pro and contra


  • well thought out and functional
  • powerfully
  • quite long battery life
  • Cutting performance satisfactory
  • no effort when cutting


  • becomes quite heavy when working on the arm for a long time
  • conditionally suitable for filigree work.

Secateurs Comparative Winner: The ratchet brings!

Secateurs: shears

Some devices show the technical progress and the ingenuity of the engineers: The ratchet shears Gardena SmartCut convinced us. Smooth, ergonomic and with convincing cutting results make them from bushes of lumber.

We also liked the Felco scissors no. 2: Impress classic design and long durability, Unfortunately, the scissors cause a little untimely effort. Nevertheless, it is a clear recommendation for multi-tailors who value a long-term worthwhile purchase.

Pruning shears Price / Performer: Cutting with the wolf

Secateurs: contra

Price / performance winner: Wolf Garden RR-M

Branch off and good. Failure has no scissors in our test; This one was also cheap: The Wolf Garden RR-M convinces with one Two-cutting system, good handling and an ergonomic design. All for just under 20 euros. Fine with me.

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