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  • Garden showers are ideal if you are looking for a quick cool in the garden on hot days. But as a complement to the hotel's own pool, to shed before and after the swim briefly, showers are ideal for the garden.
  • The difference between garden showers is their type of installation (fixed or mobile) and their water supply (hose or water tank) and water temperature (cold or hot shower).
  • Some manufacturers even offer models with privacy screens. However, these complete packages are mostly luxury versions, which come along with correspondingly high prices. Therefore, think carefully in advance what your garden shower should be able to do.

Garden shower comparison 2018: 2018

1. The garden shower - refreshment in your own garden

Wooden grate - a useful accessory

In order to minimize the formation of mud on the lawn and so that you do not have to stand in the mud while showering, it is worth buying a wooden grate (if this is not already there when you buy the shower). This protects the water-soaked lawn from footprints and your feet from damp, muddy dirt.

Garden showers are practical and as summer refreshment in your own garden well suited. In particular, who should not be allowed to own a private pool or who can visit either swimming pool or swimming lake in the immediate vicinity, for the outdoor shower for the garden can be a sensible investment.

The product range of outdoor showers is broad:It ranges from simple garden showers, which only consist of a long shower rod and are anchored with a spike in the ground, to comfortable outdoor showers with high-quality luxury cabins, different jet and Wellnesseinstellungen.

Garden shower comparison 2018: 2018

Simple garden showers without blinds and with hose connection are among the most common examples on the market.

However, most garden showers in common is that they have a garden hose connectionWhat makes them extremely flexible, since the chosen location depends only on the length of the garden hose. Furthermore Garden showers run out without drain, which has the advantage that no additional drainage system needs to be installed.

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If you, too, are excited about the opportunity to take a flexible shower in the garden and, as a supplement or alternative to your pool, look out for the best garden shower We recommend a look at our Garden Shower Comparison 2018. Here we not only tell you what different types of outdoor showers there are, but also explain you which fixing methods are used and which variants are suitable for camping trips and the home Garden particularly well suited.

2. Garden shower types at a glance

Garden shower comparison 2018: showers

Fixed garden shower made of wood with step and large shower head.

In garden shower tests and comparisons, showers for the garden are divided into two categories: mobile garden showers and those that can be firmly installed.While mobile variants can be easily assembled and disassembled anywhere in the garden in just a few minutes, you can screw permanently installed garden showers to the stone floor or to a special device.

Since you can not just change fixed mounted showers and the underlying soil softens and muddy with frequent use, which is recommended Construction of a corresponding seepage shaft below the shower, To do this, lift a pit about 80 centimeters deep, which you then fill with gravel. In this way you prevent the flooding of the soil and ensure that the infiltrating water can be used by the surrounding plants afterwards.

Incidentally, when considering the water supply, both fixed and mobile showers for the garden can be divided into other types, which we would like to briefly introduce to you in the following table:

Garden Shower typeparticularities
standard shower

Garden shower comparison 2018: garden

  • There are permanently installed and mobile standard variants.
  • They are supplied with water via a garden hose as described above.
  • The water comes directly from the line with an average temperature of only ten degrees Celsius, but there are also garden showers with hot water. This is heated by a battery installed in the shower.
  • Depending on the model, the showers have either a simple overhead shower or additional devices such as foot, hand or side showers.

not dependent on limited water tank
no water on simpler models

solar shower

Garden shower comparison 2018: comparison

  • Garden solar showers are also available as fixed and mobile versions.
  • Unlike standard garden showers, many solar garden showers are supplied with water via a water tank (eg 20 liter capacity) (camping shower).
  • But there are also models that also have a hose connection, so that the tank does not need to be refilled by hand.
  • When the garden shower is solar powered, the water in the tank is heated by solar energy, leaving a limited amount of hot water per shower.

Heating the water thanks to solar energy
Models without hose connection only with a limited amount of water

Suitable materials for both solar showers and standard versions of the garden shower are stainless steel, aluminum, wood and plastic. Faucets and shower rods are usually made of metal, the shower head made of plastic or metal and the footboard and the shower rod holder (if available) made of either wood, metal or plastic.

3. Purchase advice for garden showers: First and foremost a type question

If you're looking for the best garden or solar shower, you'll notice that good garden shower tests and comparisons are few and far between online. Thus, it is not surprising that the Stiftung Warentest has not yet taken on this topic and so far has neither chosen a garden shower test winner, nor provides valuable tips on their website on this subject.

3.1. Which type is suitable for me?

Just as with the selection of the right garden furniture you should first ask yourself in the case of garden showers, which garden shower type suits you and for which you would like to use the outdoor shower at all.

Garden shower comparison 2018: shower

Rather something for the home garden: a fixed solar garden shower.

Camping trips:

Are you, for example, especially for short camping trips in nature, where no running water (or no corresponding connections) is available, come exclusively mobile, solar powered camping showers with water tank question. For camping holidays on campsites, however, also mobile standard garden showers, since here the water supply is usually ensured by appropriate water connections.

Native garden:

If you want to use your shower in your own garden, In principle, all types presented are well suited for this purpose. Therefore, it is rather a question of taste, which model you choose here: Mobile models are space-saving, cheap and at any time up and degradable. Hard-fitted garden showers are classier and usually have a wider range of features when it comes to wellness.

Tip: Also, consider whether the water temperature is important when showering in the garden or not. If the former is the case, we especially recommend solar showers or those with an integrated battery. If you do not care about the temperature, you can easily access simple cold water showers without temperature control.

3.2. floor mounting

Closely linked to the type question is the way of ground fixing. Basically you canfive types of attachment differ:

Type of attachmentAssembly
  • The shower is set up with the help of three fold-down legs.
  • Recommended for this is a level surface (eg lawn, stone floor).
  • The lower end of the shower rod is pointed and is rammed into the ground.
  • Recommended are soft floors (eg turf).
Tripod and earth spike
  • This is a combination of the first two types of attachment.
  • Soft, even floors (eg lawns) are recommended for this purpose.
  • A wide, mostly square base prevents the shower from falling over.
  • Recommended for this is a level surface (eg lawn, stone floor).
  • In a fixed screw the base of the shower is screwed to the floor.
  • Recommended for this is a flat, hard surface (eg stone floor).

3.3. Equipment and privacy

Garden shower comparison 2018: comparison

Some garden showers are equipped with practical "foot showers".

Most mobile garden showers are equipped only with small overhead showers that are height adjustable and sometimes pivotable. Otherwise, they usually have no other special features. However, to enjoy a bit of wellness when showering in the garden, it is not absolutely necessary that you build your garden shower yourself.

Rather, permanently installable showers often some extras, such as side or hand showers, which bring variety in the showering experience by using different spray types (eg massage jet). In addition, there are copies that over a small foot shower with which you can easily rinse grass and dirt off your feet.

Tip: There are manufacturers who offer complete packages with privacy screens. However, such garden showers are premium and luxury models that can be fixed and screwed to the floor. If you want to buy such a garden shower, you can expect prices between 500 and 1,500 euros.

Garden shower comparison 2018: 2018

4. Questions and answers around the theme of garden shower

4.1. How much is a garden shower?

A cheap garden shower without special extras you already get for Prices between 10 and 30 euros.However, these are exclusively mobile shower variants. Fixed garden showers can easily be 100 to 300 euros costs. Luxury models with privacy screens and extravagant features such as particularly large overhead showers can also be significantly more expensive and cost more than 1,000 euros.

4.2. Which important brands and manufacturers are there?

There are a number of different brands and manufacturers in the market for garden showers, including u. a. also include the companies Gardena and IDEAL-Eichenwald.


Garden shower comparison 2018: shower

Garden shower by Gardena with small overhead shower and spray function.

Gardena is first and foremost known for its high quality garden toolswith which the company has made it the market leader in Europe in this area. Garden showers play a rather subordinate role at Gardena, however, you can buy models of several mobile, very simple garden showers at Gardena already for prices below 60 euros.

IDEAL Eichenwald

Garden shower comparison 2018: 2018

High quality and permanently installed garden shower from IDEAL-Eichenwald.

The company IDEAL-Eichenwald is in contrast to Gardena above all specializing in swimming pool accessories, For over 30 years, the company has been developing quality pools and garden showers.

Above all, permanently installed models in the upper price segment can be purchased from IDEAL-Eichenwald. The selection is relatively large and ranges from simple solar showers with removable hand showers to premium models with large head and side shower heads.

Other brands and manufacturers we have compiled for you in the following overview:

  • Arkema Design
  • Belardo
  • Berlan
  • Deuba
  • fontealta
  • IDEAL Eichenwald
  • Inoxstyle
  • Jee-O
  • Gardena
  • Garpa
  • Kärcher
  • myppol
  • Neptune
  • Steinbach
  • stilista

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