Build garden stairs yourself - the construction manual

Many homeowners are fortunate enough to own land with a slope. But as beautiful as the slope is when it is laid out, it usually requires a garden staircase to cover the path through the garden. How you can build a garden staircase yourself, we show here in our construction manual.

concrete stairs

Of course you can pour a concrete staircase yourself. But simpler and often nicer are stairs made of concrete elements, which sometimes do not even look like they are made of concrete. For example, concrete block steps are often indistinguishable from natural stone. They were partially dyed in beige or gray and have a slightly uneven surface. Just like a real stone.

special shapes

From granite and concrete, there are also entire decorative elements, with which you can put together flowers or geographical patterns. Individual flowers can then form as stairs a particularly beautiful garden staircase. How to pave a flower staircase, we show you here in the construction manual. Basically, you can of course also implement this manual with very straight puristic concrete slabs.

Build a garden staircase step by step

  • Concrete blocks in the chosen decor
  • gravel
  • sand
  • cement
  • shovel
  • spade
  • board
  • rubber hammer
  • ruler
  • spirit level
  • Maurer bucket
  • trowel
  • wheelbarrow
  • bucket

1. prepare slope

The spade first needs to remove the grass and root layer. Then you should lift the rough shape of the stairs. Note that you will need about 20 inches of gravel substructure. In addition, you must take into account the height of the stones.

2. Create a base

When the soil is excavated, a 20 cm thick gravel layer is applied. This must be compacted well with a rammer so that it provides the appropriate grip. If the slope is very steep, you should also create another 20 to 25 centimeters thick concrete layer under each step. Concrete palisades can also be helpful on steep slopes, burying you almost invisibly at the step edge.

3. Pave the décor

On the gravel substructure, apply a layer of earth-moist concrete mixture at least five centimeters thick. Then arrange your concrete flower pattern so that the front edge gives a clean step edge. The joints between the individual elements should not be wider than about one centimeter.

When you have loaded all the stones for a step, take a board and use the spirit level to check if the level is evenly high. If necessary, you can bring the stones perfectly to a plane with the board and a rubber mallet.

4. Fill in joints

If your flowers or stones have dried, then the joints must still be filled with fine chippings. If the stairs are to be particularly durable, you can instead also incorporate an earth-moist concrete mix into the joints.

Tips & Tricks

Some concrete pictures can be made from ordinary paving stones. Then there are the matching stencils on paper. Practice a complex pattern but before on the lawn. Sometimes such a pattern looks very good on paper, but is not suitable for your garden. Then you can still choose a different laying pattern.

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