Concrete garden stairs - durable and cheap

Creating a garden staircase by yourself is not particularly difficult with concrete. There is hardly anything more durable than a well-poured concrete staircase in your garden. How to concretise a garden staircase yourself with formwork panels and a concrete mixture and what to look for is shown in the instructions here.

Step by step concreting a garden staircase

  • Gravel / coarse gravel
  • sand
  • cement
  • Reinforcement / iron mats
  • boards
  • Squares
  • nails
  • saw
  • hammer
  • mixer
  • Maurerbalje
  • trowel
  • spade
  • shovel
  • wheelbarrow
  • bucket

1. Lift the ground

First, you have to create a kind of foundation for your concrete staircase. To do this, lift the shape of the stairs from where the stairs go. In addition to the concrete, you will need a pebble or gravel bed, so you will need to make a layer of about ten centimeters more under the later stairs.

2. shells

The most important thing about concreting is the formwork. The wet concrete pushes very hard to the outside, so the formwork must be securely nailed together. So you can not just use old chipboard or the like for the formwork.

Around the formwork you should hammer in strong pegs, which serve as a support for the formwork. This would otherwise slide down the slope.

3. Mix cement

Sand and cement are used in the ratio of 1: 4. If the stairs are to withstand great stress, you can also use a little more cement, the later concrete will then get a light blue color, which also looks very good. Use the water sparingly so that the concrete does not run away when you pour it.

4. Reinforcement and concrete

Pour a small layer of concrete into the formwork and then insert the pre-cut reinforcement. It must not protrude from the concrete at any point, otherwise it will rust and later blow up the concrete. Then fill up to the top with concrete.

Tips & Tricks

It is also easier, if the sheathing of a complete staircase means too much effort. If you are also satisfied with block levels, you can nail a mold out of formwork boards and use them repeatedly until you have finished all stages. These are then placed in a gravel bed and also last for many years.

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