Build garden stairs with natural stone yourself - that's how it works

From natural stones, a solid staircase can be built in the garden, which adapts optically well to the garden. But natural stones are, as the name suggests, natural. So they are often different strong and unevenly broken especially at the edges. Therefore, the construction of a garden staircase made of natural stones is not so easy.

Build garden stairs with natural stones step by step

  • Natural stones from about 60 x 80 x 5 cm
  • Gravel / grit
  • Natural stone mortar
  • sand
  • broom
  • shovel
  • spirit level
  • trowel
  • Maurer bucket
  • masher
  • bucket
  • Quast

1. Create a base

Under the stairs a solid gravel bed must be created. Lift the soil about 20 centimeters deep and fill it well with gravel. This must then be compacted. Each step must have a slight slope to the front, which should be planned right next to the gravel bed. If the surface is damp, you should embed drainage under the stairs in addition to the gravel bed.

2. sift stone slabs

Depending on the shape of the slope on which you want to build a garden staircase made of natural stone, each of the irregular stone slabs fits in another place in the staircase. Therefore, you should make the effort and first of all put together the complete staircase without mortar. Then chalk the stones so they can pick up the staircase shape later.

3. Mix the mortar

Only stir as much of the natural stone as you can within half an hour. The mortar should only be mixed with earth and not too wet.

4. Lay stones

Start at the bottom of the garden steps and put the first stone in the gravel bed. The natural stones should be slightly moistened where they overlap. There is then applied plenty of mortar. The swelling mortar should be removed again immediately with the trowel.

Tips & Tricks

Easier to lay than irregular natural stones are blocks that serve as a complete step. However, you need either heavy equipment or some helpers, as the block kick stones are barely under 100 pounds. However, you should always plan a gravel bed for the drainage under these block steps.

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